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Ready to Rumble 4
COH Ready to Rumble 4 Poster
Tagline(s) "40 Men, One Match, One Winner."
Promotion CAW of Honor
Date August 10, 2016
Venue Consol Energy Center
City Pittsburgh, PA
Theme Song "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins
Last Event COH Survival In The City 2
Next Event tbd


# Result Stipulation Brand
1 Dylan James Check defeated TJ Prophet Best of 5 series

(Match 4)

2 Mark Kennedy defeated Jeffrey Albritton Singles Match SLAM
3 The Eradication (The GM & Daniel Mars) (c) defeated The Blood Brothers (Owen White & Roger Terry) Tag Team Match for the COH Tag Team Championships Battleground
4 Arisen From Nothing (Austin Juhasz & Ben Hopkins) defeated The Elite (Tommy Moonshine & E.W.) (c) Tag Team Match for the COH Global Tag Team Championships SLAM
5 AJ Young (c) defeated Shawn Walsh Last Man Standing Match for the COH Pride Championship SLAM
6 Jay Krack (c) defeated Fisk, Nitro, and Stefan Guerrero 4-Corner Survival for the COH Internet Championship Battleground
7 Kenyon Fenix defeated M-Accuracy Fight Without Honor Battleground
8 The Goonie (c) defeated Nate The Great Singles Match for the COH Global Championship Battleground
9 Ray Gettys defeated Scott Adams (c) and The Great D Triple Threat Match for the COH World Heavyweight Championship SLAM
10 Caleb Blair last eliminated Mason Kronik Honor Rumble Match Battleground/SLAM
  • 2. After the match, Jeffrey Albritton attacked Mark Kennedy.
  • 5. During the match, Ryan Carroll returned and attacked Shawn Walsh.
  • 10. After the match, Ray Gettys came out and stared down with Caleb Blair.
Draw # Entrant Brand Order Eliminated by Eliminations
1 The Patriot SLAM 11 Zane LaFontain
2 Zane LaFontain Battleground 17 Shawn O'Connor
3 Will Wild SLAM 1 The Patriot 0
4 Phil Meng SLAM 2 Zane LaFontain 0
5 El Noveno Battleground 8
6 David Rivera SLAM 5
7 Infamous Loose Cannon N/A (Surpise Entrant) 3
9 Tommasso Cappelli Battleground 6
10 Prince Santos Battleground 9
11 Tyler Richards Battleground 7
12 Adam Oliver SLAM 10
13 Convell Lupo SLAM (COH Debut) 13
14 Brent Delevine N/A (Surprise Entrant) 12
15 Brandon Wolfe Battleground 15
16 Levi McIntire Battleground 26
17 Kevin Cross SLAM 16
18 Johnny Thunder Battleground 14
19 John Blackos Battleground 19
20 Jack Stanbridge SLAM 20
21 Shawn O'Connor N/A (Surprise Entrant) 18
22 Gregory Matthew Robertson SLAM (COH Debut) 24
23 Firestar Hart Battleground 21
24 El Guapo Battleground 22
25 Austin Reed N/A (Surprise Entrant) 29
26 Donovan Rucker Battleground 25
27 Calvin Barks-A-Lot Battleground 23
28 Chris Knight SLAM 28
29 Von Hollywood N/A (Surprise Entrant) 27
30 V-Pac Battleground (COH Debut) 31
31 Tre Jeter SLAM (COH Debut) 30
32 Saheed Muhammed SLAM 32
33 Rockstone Battleground 37
34 Raymond Dudley Battleground 33 The Nightmare
35 The Nightmare SLAM (COH Debut) 36 Black Anaconda
36 The Myst SLAM 35 The Nightmare
37 Morris Battleground 34 The Nightmare
38 Mason Kronik Battleground 40 Caleb Blair
39 Black Anaconda SLAM 38 Caleb Blair
40 Caleb Blair SLAM -- (WINNER) --
41 Bay Area Bad Boy Battleground 39 Mason Kronik

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