The Era of Honor Begins
COH The Era of Honor Begins
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Promotion CAW of Honor
Date September 26, 2011
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City Cliffside Park, NJ
Theme Song "Adrenlaine Rush" by Bushnut
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Next Event COH Legacy in the Making

COH The Era of Honor Begins was the inaugural Click-Per-View for CAW of Honor. Each match on the card was a 1st round match in a Survival of the Fittest tournament to determine the first ever COH Internet Champion at Honor in Victory. The main event featured the debuting Justin Bateman, YTCW superstar Masterbubu, and COH original Kris Blaze.


Triple Threat Match
"The Fantastic" Kris Blaze vs. "The Rated M Superstar" Masterbubu vs. "The American Psycho" Justin Bateman

Survival of the Fittest Tournament First Round Matches
"Big Daddy" Copenhagen vs. "The Notorious" 187
El Galvin vs. Reggie Tillar
M-Accuracy vs. Christian Storm
Bully Nate vs. Steve Lifeson
Seth Styles vs. "Angry" Mark Vicious
The Wiz vs. "Addicted to Love" Brett Titus

"The Future" Kevin Crisis vs. Gilbert Blaze

Randy Jefferson vs. "THe Asian Invasion" Chris Yau

Woman of Honor
Hannah vs. Kapengmabula


# Result Stipulation
1 "The Notorious" 187 defeated "Big Daddy" Copenhagen Survival of the Fittest 1st Round
2 El Galvin defeated Reggie Tillar Survival of the Fittest 1st Round
3 Christian Storm defeated M-Accuracy Survival of the Fittest 1st Round
4 Bully Nate defeated Steve Lifeson Survival of the Fittest 1st Round
5 "Angry" Mark Vicious defeated Seth Styles Survival of the Fittest 1st Round
6 The Wiz defeated "Addicted to Love" Brett Titus Survival of the Fittest 1st Round
7 "The Asian Invasion" Chris Yau defeated Randy Jefferson Singles Match
8 Kapengmabula defeated Hannah Women of Honor
9 "The Future" Kevin Crisis defeated Gilbert Blaze Singles Match
10 "The Fantastic" Kris Blaze defeated "The Rated M Superstar" Masterbubu and "The American Psycho" Justin Bateman Triple Threat Match
  • 5. Styles took down Vicious post-match.
  • 9. Alivis Mindbreaker did a post-match interview with Kevin Crisis and Crisis that he's the future of COH. He also said that he will be the next COH World Heavyweight Champion.
  • 10. During the match, The Wiz interfered and brawled with Bateman. They brawled on the entrance way until Bateman speared Wiz off the stage.


  • M-Accuracy threw Christian Storm through a car window head first due to his lost against Storm.