Ultimate Glory
COH Ultimate Glory
Tagline(s) tbd
Promotion CAW of Honor
Date December 9, 2011
Venue Gila River Arena
City Phoenix, AZ
Theme Song "So Far Away" by Staind
Last Event COH Honor in Victory
Next Event COH Tag Team Warfare

Ultimate Glory is a Click-Per-View (CPV) Event produced by CAW of Honor. It is considered as COH's flagship event due to the event concluding each season. The first event was held on December 9th, 2011 and it's most recent, Ultimate Glory 4 took place on January of 2015.

Ultimate Glory (2011)

The inaugural event took place in Phoenix, AZ on December 9th, 2011. The CPV event featured appearances by then-YTCW superstars Ultimate Nitro and The Patriot, who would eventually join the COH Roster later in their careers. The CPV Event was split into 2 parts on youtube and in total have over 600 views. The show was main evented by a 4 way Scramble match between "The American Psycho" Justin Bateman, "The Notorious" 187, "The Rated M Superstar" Masterbubu, and "The Asian Invasian" Chris Yau to crown the first ever COH Champion.

# Result Stipulation
1 Jeff Zandig defeated Reggie Tillar Singles match
2 "Sexy" Cid Love defeated Randy Jefferson Singles match
3 "Addicted to Love" Brett Titus defeated "The All-American American-American" The Patriot Brett Titus Open Challenge
4 Kapengmabula defeated Heather Rocks Singles match
5 "The Future" Kevin Crisis defeated "Big Daddy" Copenhagen Singles match
6 Steve Lifeson defeated Ultimate Nitro Singles match
7 Christian Storm (c.) defeated M-Accuracy COH Internet Championship
8 "The Flying Dolphin" Zane LaFontain, "StraightEdge Warrior" Dan The Man, and Seth Styles defeated House of Hypocrites (Mutatron, MattitudeStatus, & CoolNerd) 6-Man Tag Team match
9 Vicious Bullies (Mark Vicious & Bully Nate) defeated Blaze Bros. (Gilbert Blaze & "The Fantastic" Kris Blaze) Tag Team match
10 "The American Psycho" Justin Bateman defeated Masterbubu, 187, & Chris Yau 4-Way Scramble match for the COH Championship
  • 3 - Titus' Open Challenge was answered by The Patriot, who making his ROH in-ring debut.


  • Mutatron said some intense words about his opponents before their big tag team grudge match between Mutatron's team, House of Hypocrites and Team LaFontain.
    COH Ultimate Glory