Ultimate Glory 3
Tagline(s) Back Together to Do It Again
Promotion CAW of Honor
Date 12/25/13
Venue Sunlife Stadium
City Miami, FL
Theme Song "Feel" - Sleeping With Sirens
Last Event COH HonorVersary 2
Next Event COH People Power

Match Card

Match # Result Stipulation
1 The Unwanted Masses (Jay Krack and Youngblood) defeated Rap Metal (Matt Barnes and Brandon Ross) Extreme Rules Tornado Tag Team match
2 Caleb Blair defeated Shawn Walsh, Ryan Carroll, Mutatron, Barney Greeen, and Chris Yau Money in the Bank Ladder match
3 Ameer McDermott defeated Rockstone (c.) COH Pride Championship
4 Morris defeated Zane LaFontain
5 Team YES Beard! (Karl Jamz and The Patriot) (c.) defeated The Frontier Squad (TJ Prophet and Dan The Man) COH Tag Team Championship
6 Masters of Horror (Glutius Maximus, Steve Slahser, and David Alvarez) defeated The Church of Ephiphany (Atticus Marx, Cousin Kendrik, and Uncle Lester) Six-Man Tag Team match
7 Daniel Mars (c.) defeated Scott Adams, Steven Copeland, and Lewis Stevens Extreme Rules 4-Way Elimination match for the COH Internet Championship

(Special guest referee Christian Storm)

8 The Alex Enterprise defeated Bully Nate I Quit match, #1 Contendership for the COH Championship
9 Justin Bateman defeated M-Accuracy (2-1) Three Stages Of Hell Match

-1st Fall: No Holds Barred match

-2nd Fall: Tables match

-3rd Fall: Last Man Standing match

10 Kevin Crisis defeated The Goonie (c.) Submission match for the COH Championship