Invitational banner1

Banner used for the event. It stupidly gave away the ending.

Invitational 1 was CRW/CrW's third show. It was in October of 2005 and was posted at The No Mercy Zone. It was a show that featured CrW wrestlers facing real life indy wrestlers. The main event was the return of Super Dragon with a title match. The event was released on TKS' 15th birthday, 10/22/05.


  • CRW Title match

Michael Tanner vs. Super Dragon (PWG)

  • Carnicerio vs. Amazing Red (TNA)
  • Xavier X vs. Kevin Steen (IWS)
  • Lee Pow vs. Human Tornado (PWG)
  • Jason Sage vs. M-Dogg20 (UWA Hardcore)

Match Info

Michael Tanner faced Super Dragon for the title. A bruised and chopped up Michael Tanner won after Xavier X interfered and beat the shit out of Dragon. Xavier's interference was an act of revenge.