Image from the intro

CRW Newkore Revolution 2005 was the 2nd CRW event. Instead of a title match, there was a TLC match. This was the debut of Suicid3 AKA Jisatsu. Also debuting, Butcher Biggins.


  • TLC Falls Count Anywhere

Carnicerio vs. Suicid3

  • Michael Tanner vs. Xavier X
  • Lee Pow vs. Jason Sage
  • El Bastardo vs. Sid Sadistic
  • TKS vs. Butcher Biggins

Main Event Details

The main event was an emotional one, following the intro's footage that showed Carnicerio and Suicid3 shooting promos on eachother. The two have disliked eachother ever since. Ladders, tables, chairs, barbwire boards, and a barbwire stop sign. The stop sign even ripped carnicerios mask open after a running canadian destroyer onto it, but his face was still mostly covered in mask shreds and blood. The match ended with suicid3's flipping face buster off of the enterance tron onto 2 tables.

More Details From The Rest Of The Show

  1. Michael Tanner and Xavier X had their first match. I don't even remember booking this untill Destrucity, but whatever. A bloody Xavier X double stomped Tanner through some tables for the win.
  2. Lee Pow and Jason Sage had what was a decent cruiser match. this was before sage switched over to technical wrestling and deathmatch wrestling.
  3. TKS and Biggins had a hardcore match where biggins' face was drenched in blood.