Anrachy in Azteca
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Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date February 14, 2015
Venue Azteca Stadium
City Mexico City, Mexico
Theme Song N/A
Last Event CXWI Crimson Mask
Next Event CXWI In2 The O2
Order Results Stipulation/Title
1 Ben Hopkins & She-Hulk def. Bart Simpson & Queen Woka Intergender Tag Team Match
2 Jack Stanbridge def. Drark Forge Hardcore Rules
3 Mewtwo & Firestar Hart def. Randy Lee & Zavok Tornado Tag Match
4 Austin Juhasz & Sebulba def. Desann & Anakin Skywalker Tag Team Match
5 Hitmonchan & Faith Connors def. Reptile & Amy Bouzaglo Intergender Tag Team Match
6 Myst Motone def. Arbiter Singles Match
  • 2 - During the match, Matthew Hurworth attacked Jack with a crutch as Jack was going for the pinfall on Dark Forge. Dark Forge and Hurworth assaulted Jack until Sonic.EXE came out and pulled Hurworth out of the ring and hit the Speed Adjuster as Dark Forge looked on. Jack got back up and hit the Giga Impact on Dark Forge for the victory. After the match, Desann attacked Jack from behind and assaulted him until he hit a belly-to-belly suplex through a commentary table.
  • 3 - After the match, all four participants brawled to each other until Firestar Hart laid everyone out via Firecrackers and a Superkick.
  • 4 - During the match, Anakin was going for a bicycle kick on Austin, but he hit it on Desann by accident. After the match, CXWI C.O.O. Shadow the Hedgehog attacked Austin from behind and lay him out with a Chaos Control and Austin's own finisher, the Death Warrant.
  • 6 - During the match, Desann came out and he and Arbiter started brawling. Arby then suffered a breakdown and during the confusion, Motone snuck behind with a rollup and scoring the pinfall on Arbiter. After the match, Desann assaulted Arbiter until Jack came to the ring and the three brawled until Desaan suplexed the two through an announce table.