Art of Pain 5
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date October 28, 2012
Venue HP Pavilion at San Jose
City San Jose, California
Theme Song Heaven Or Hell by Crucified Barbara
Next Event CXWI Immortal 2012
Order Results Stipulations
1 Sonic (c) defeated The Saints (Dante & Prince of Persia)

(Tails was absent from this match due to injuries from The Saints, so this match became a Handicap match)

Handicap TLC Match for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
2 Justin defeated JSR First Blood Match; If Justin wins, he will take JSR's spot in the Arcade Division
3 The Pokemon Brotherhood (Lucario & Blaziken) defeated Zoroark Handicap Match
4 Sektor defeated Wildcatv1 (c) Hardcore Rules Match for the CXWI Arcade Championship
5 Sebulba vs. Phil Meng ended in a draw according to Ellibod and JSR due to the confusing finish of the match Bloody Splinter Match
6 Mewtwo (The Pokemon Brotherhood) defeated Bowser (The Saints) Losing Faction Leaves CXWI Match
7 SMCS defeated Randy Lee (c) Hell In A Cell Match for the CXWI World Championship