Art of Pain 7
CXWI Art of Pain 7
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Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date November 19, 2016
Venue Rogers Arena
City Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Theme Song "Killer Instinct Theme" by Mick Gordon
Next Event CXWI Worlds Apart
Order Results Stipulation
Preshow Gorilla Grodd defeated El Jeevano Open Challenge
1 Reptile defeated Scott McShannon 24/7 Rules match
2 Lester Barkley & Blaziken defeated Progression (Bob & Zinyak), Deadly Saints (Firestar Hart & Johnny Gat), Rocket Raccon & Groot and Myst Motone & Faith Connors Gauntlet match for the Vacant CXWI Tag Team Championship
3 Max Muller (c) defeated Zavok Singles match for the CXWI All Star Championship
4 Desann defeated Sebulba Hardcore match
5 Samus Aran-Juhasz defeated Kitana (c) Blood Falls match for the CXWI Women's Championship
6 Broly defeated Blaziken (c) and Desann Triple Threat Match for the CXWI International Championship
7 Dark Forge defeated Arbiter Tap Out or Knock Out match; If Dark Forge loses, he must give back Arbiter's armor.
8 Austin Juhasz (c) defeated M.E Singles match for the CXWI World Championship
  • Preshow - El Jeevano answered Gorilla Grodd's open challenge. After the match, Kuma the Bear attacked Grodd.
  • 1 - The match started in the locker room during the preshow when Reptile attacke Scott. Throughout the event, the two fought in various locations. After the match, Scott attacked Reptile.
  • 2 - CXWI Co-C.O.O. Agumon made the match for the vacant tag team titles a 4 team Gauntlet match.
  • 3 - Gorilla Grodd interfered in the match and attacked Zavok. Zazz then came out to help out Zavok by dragging Grodd to the back, but Grood fought back until Kuma the Bear helped.
  • 5 - As Kitana was going for a Superkick on Samus, an unknown woman assaulted Kitana before revealing herself as Arturia Pendragon-Muller, the wife of Max Muller and the newest member of Coup D'Etat.
  • 6 - The match started as a singles match between Blaziken and Broly. Later in the match, Desann interfered and assaulted Broly. Desann then announced that he's cashing in his International title shot, making the match a triple threat. Lester then came in and accidentally hit Blaziken with a kendo stick. After the match, Lester and Blaziken pushing and shoving one another until Desann attacked Lester with a trash can until Blaziken helped Lester.
  • 7 - During the match, Aria Blaze interfered in the match until Alyssa Cheuvront-Stanbridge stop him. In the final moments of the match, Alyssa tried to hit Dark Forge with a replica title belt, but hit Arbiter by accident.
  • 8 - After the match, Tails & Hitmonchan of The Brotherhood came and warned Austin they were still on a crusade against Coup D'Etat. Zavok attacked Austin and announced he was going to cash in his World Title shot at the next CPV.

Gauntlet Match Results

# Team Order of Elimination Eliminated By
1 Progression (Bob & Zinyak) 2 Rocket Raccoon & Groot
2 Deadly Saints (Firestar Hart & Johnny Gat) 1 Progression
3 Rocket Raccoon & Groot 4 Lester Barkley & Blaziken
4 Myst Motone & Faith Conners 3 Rocket Raccoon & Groot
5 Lester Barkley & Blaziken WINNERS