Blizzard of Blood
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc
Date June 2, 2011
Venue Amway Center
City Orlando, Florida
Theme Song
Last Event CXWI Gumblet of Pwnage
Order Results Stipulations
1 Wildcatv1 won by last eliminating Ash Enter the Picture 10-Man Royal Rumble
2 Justin and Falco (c) def. M.E and Austin Juhasz Normal Rules Tag Match for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
3 Bowser def. Harry Hardcore Rules
4 Mewtwo def. Matthew Hurworth and Johnny Cage Hell in a Cell Handicap Match
5 Blaziken (c) def. Espio Normal Rules Match for the CXWI International Championship
6 Arbiter (c) def. Randy Lee, Lucario and Shadow Hardcore Rules Match for the CXWI World Championship
  • 2 - M.E had to be escorted by paramedics after the match was over, due to a severe injury.

Match 1:

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 SMCS 3 Misterbones
2 Venom 1 SMCS
3 Sonic/The Werehog 2 Sora
4 Misterbones 6 Wildcatv1
5 Sora 4 Misterbones
6 Ken 5 Wildcatv1
7 Wildcatv1 N/A WINNER
8 Ash 9 Wildcatv1
9 Mario 7 Ash
10 Jonny Blaze 8 Ash