Blood Bath 3
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc
Date May 6th, 2013
Venue Allianz Arena
City Munich, Germany
Theme Song "Heart of Courage" by Two Steps from Hell
Last Event CXWI Crash 'n' Burn 5
Next Event CXWI Golden Ambitions 5
Order Results Stipulations
Pre-Show Misterbones def. Wildcatv1 N/A
1 Sektor (c) def. Matthew Hurworth Hardcore Rules for the CXWI Arcade Championship
2* Zoroark and Reptile def. Austin Juhasz and Phil Meng (c) T-Bones Rules for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
3 SMCS def. Leon S. Kennedy, Tails, and Arbiter(with assistance from Master Chief) Gauntlet Match; If SMCS loses, he is fired.
4 Sebulba def. Silver First Blood Match; If Silver wins, he will replace Sebulba in the World Title match at Golden Ambitions 5.
5 Mewtwo def. JSR Hell in a Cell
Main Anakin Skywalker (c) def. Randy Lee and Jack Stanbridge Triple Threat Match for the CXWI World Championship

2. SMCS attacked both Austin and Phil before the match