First Round

Match Result Time
Arbiter def. Zoroark The Mist and the Kick 3:34
Randy Lee def. Matthew Hurworth Jackhammer 4:43
Skeletor def. Blaziken Cross Bomb Pin 2:42
Misterbones def. JSR Lariat 3:42
Andrew Khan def. Leon S. Kennedy The Plauge 4:44
Phil Meng def. Espio Moonsault 6:18
Justin def. Vector  Alabama Slam  4:08
Sebulba def. Donkey Kong Super Fallaway Slam 3:56
Austin Juhasz def. Wildcatv1 Hero's Rise 10:16
Silver def. Reptile Flash DDT 4:30
Lucario def. Sonic Aura Bomb 6:25
Master Chief def. Anakin Skywalker Banshee 4:18
Jack Stanbridge def. Sektor Giga Impact 5:57
Mewtwo def. Vince Ford Triangle Choke 9:50

Second Round

Match Result Time
Misterbones def. Jack Stanbridge Assault via Sebulba 5:04
Mewtwo def. Justin Bay Area Driver used on Justin 7:38
Arbiter def. Master Chief Small Package 7:22
Randy Lee def. Austin Juhasz Jackhammer 10:47
Lucario* def. Sebulba Aura Bomb 3:24
Phil Meng def. Andrew Khan School Boy 7:20
Skeletor def. Silver Cross Bomb Pin 5:08
  • Lucario won the Beat the Clock Challenge, so he gets a bye to the Semi-Finals, and does not have to compete in the Third Round

Third Round

Match Result Time
Phil Meng def. Misterbones Vertebreaker 6:47
Skeletor def. Arbiter Assisstance via Master Chief 7:58
Randy Lee def. Mewtwo Jackhammer 14:47

Semi Finals

Match Result Time
Lucario def. Phil Meng Five Star Frog Splash 15:57
Randy Lee def. Skeletor Assisstance via Captain Falcon 11:40


Match Result Time
Lucario def. Randy Lee Aura Drive

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