CXWI Cup 2016 is the sixth tournament where 32 superstars compete for a chance to get a shot for the CXWI World Championship against Austin Juhasz.

First Round

This round took place on June 8, 2016.

# Results Stipulations
Block A
1 Lester Barkley defeated Captain Falcon Singles match
2 Tails defeated Randy Lee Singles match
3 Arbiter (with Alyssa Cheuvront-Stanbridge) defeated Andrew Khan Singles match
4 Blaziken defeated Brandon Wolfe Singles match
Block B
1 Sonic The Hedgehog defeated Reptile Singles match
2 Wildcatv1 defeated Alex Minazuki Singles match
3 Mewtwo defeated Matthew Hurworth Singles match
4 Jaken'na Kokoro defeated Bob Singles match
Block C
1 Hitmonchan defeated Kuma the Bear Singles match
2 El Jeevano defeated Dark Forge Singles match
3 M.E defeated Sebulba Singles match
4 Vince Ford defeated Gregory Andrews Singles match
Block D
1 Johnny Gat defeated Desann Singles match
2 Zavok defeated Max Muller Singles match
3 Firestar Hart defeated Paul Phoenix Singles match
4 Broly defeated Zinyak by knockout Singles match
  • A3 - After the match, Alyssa helped Andrew Khan up before Darkrai attacked Andrew Khan.
  • A4 - During the match, Bob attacked Brandon Wolfe.
  • B2 - During the match, Conor Isacoff attacked Alex Minazuki.
  • C3 - After the match, Sebulba assaulted M.E.
  • C4 - During the match, Zinyak tried to interfere but Gregory Andrews stopped him. Vince Ford hit Gregory Andrews with a chair before winning with the European-Plex.
  • D2 - During the match, Broly interferes and attacking Zavok, until Mewtwo interferes and attacks Max Muller then attacks Broly.

Second Round

# Results Stipulations
Block A
1 Lester Barkley defeated Tails Singles match
2 Blaziken defeated Arbiter (with Alyssa Cheuvront-Stanbridge) Singles match
Block B
1 Wildcatv1 defeated Sonic the Hedgehog Singles match
2 Jaken'na Kokoro defeated Mewtwo Singles match
Block C
1 El Jeevano defeated Hitmonchan Singles match
2 M.E. defeated Vince Ford Singles match
Block D
1 Zavok defeated Johnny Gat by the way of a knockout Singles match
2 Firestar Hart defeated Broly by the way of a knockout Singles match
  • A1 - After the match, Austin Juhasz attacked Lester Barkley and Tails.
  • A2 - During the match, Dark Forge interfered by attacking Alyssa and Arbiter. Blaziken and Arbiter then attacked Dark Forge.
  • B2 - During the match, Broly interfered and attacked Mewtwo, and Jaken'na Kokoro attacked Broly.
  • C2 - After the match, Sebulba attacked The European Union before Desann and The European Union attacked Sebulba.
  • D2 - During the match, Mewtwo interfered and attacked Broly.


# Results Stipulations
1 Zavok defeated Blaziken Singles match
2 M.E defeated Wildcatv1 Singles match
3 Firestar Hart defeated Jaken'na Kokoro Singles match
4 Lester Barkley defeated El Jeevano Singles match


# Results Stipulations
1 M.E defeated Zavok Singles match
2 Firestar Hart defeated Lester Barkley Singles match
  • 2 - Blaziken distracted Lester as he was going for a pinfall.

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