Glory of Glasgow
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc
Date June 16, 2013
City Glasgow, Scotland
Theme Song
Last Event CXWI Blood Bath 3
Next Event
Order Results Stipulations
1 Sonic def. Tails Singles Match
2 Jack Stanbridge def. Silver Singles Match
3 Lucario def Vector, Captain Falcon and Zoroark Fatal-4 Way Match
4 Vince Ford def. JSR Singles Match
Main Mewtwo and Arbiter def. Anakin Skywalker and Austin Juhasz, The Republic(Sebulba and Sektor) and Master Chief and SMCS Fatal-4 Way Team Battle

Match 5:

Elimination Eliminatee Eliminator
1 Sektor SMCS
2 Anakin Skywalker Arbiter
3 SMCS Arbiter
4 Sebulba Austin Juhasz
5 Arbiter Austin Juhasz
6 Master Chief Austin Juhasz
7 Austin Juhasz Mewtwo

Team Battle Rules:

1. One Person from Each Team will start the match

2. Two Legal Men in the ring, Two Illegal Men on the Apron; They can be tagged in by anyone at anytime.

3. Elimination occurs by either pinfall, submission, or knock out.

4. When the first member of the team is eliminated, the second member of the team will enter the match.

5. A team is eliminated from the match when both members have been eliminated.

6. Once the others three teams have been eliminated, the last team standing will be the winners.