Golden Ambitions 3
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc
Date February 5, 2011
Venue Amsterdam ArenA
City Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Theme Song "In Your Arms" by Destine
Last Event CXWI Sacrifice in Seattle
Next Event CXWI The Aftermath 3
Order Results Stipulations
1 Lita def. Molly Holly and Trish Stratus Diva's Match
2 The Ultimate Warrior def. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and "Macho Man" Randy Savage Legends' Match
3 Harry* def. Spider-Man*, Misterbones and Jonny Blaze* T-Bones Rules; Loser Leaves CXWI Match
4 Randy Orton def. John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Kane WWE Representative Match
5 Venom* def. The Predator*, TylerWWE* and Link* CXWI Representative Match
6 Edge and Christian def. Randy Lee and Lucario Hardcore Rules
7 SMCS def. Mewtwo

3 Stages of Hell; Part 1: Submission Match

8 Venom* def. Randy Orton WWE Rep. vs. CXWI Rep.; KO Only
9 Team Chaotix (Vector & Cascara) def. Howling Koopa (Bowser & Wolf*) (c) Tornado Tag Match for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
10 M.E def. CarlV2.8* and Curtis* YTA Final; Hardcore Rules
11 Mewtwo def. SMCS 3 Stages of Hell; Part 2: Hardcore Rules
12 Wildcatv1 def. Master Chief Tap Out or Knock Out
13 Sonic/The Werehog def. Tails/El Tarnaero Alter Ego Match; Tables Match
14 Blaziken def. Jonny Cage, Matthew Hurworth and Arbiter (c) Hell in a Cell Match for the CXWI International Championship
15 Falco def. Ash*, Mario, and Justin Money in the Bank Ladder Match
16 Mewtwo def. SMCS 3 Stages of Hell; Part 3: 30 Minute Iron Man Match
17 Sora* def. JSR (c) Hardcore Rules for the CXWI World Championship
  • 3 - Since Spider-Man was the one pinned, he was fired via stipulation.
  • 6 - After the match, Lucario was arguing with Randy Lee about the end result of the match until he snapped and attacked Randy Lee and lay him out via a Aura Drive.
  • 16 - After the match, Mewtwo and SMCS celebrated together as the crowd applauded of their performance and chanted their names until JSR came out to ruin the moment.
  • 17 - The Clan tried to interfered in the match but stopped by Mewtwo, Team Chaotix, & Link. After the match, Elliot May told JSR that he's fired and then knock out him as Sora and Elliot celebrated on the stage with some of the CXWI superstars to end the show.

Note*: This would be the final Golden Ambitions for this participant.