Golden Ambitions 4
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc
Date March 14, 2012
Venue Richmond Coliseum
City Richmond, Virginia
Theme Song "Freefall" by Two Steps from Hell; "Invincible" by MGK ft. Ester Dean
Last Event CXWI Apocalypse in Amsterdam.
Next Event CXWI The Aftermath 4
Order Results Stipulations
1 Booker T def. Christian, Chris Jericho and Undertaker WWE Rep. Match
2 Tails (The Order) def. Sonic (The Four Horsemen) 3 Stages of Hell: Stage 1: T-Bones Rules Match
3 Christopher Daniels def. Alex Shelley, Bully Ray and AJ Styles iMPACT Wrestling Rep. Match
4 Justin def. Misterbones, Matthew Hurworth and Johnny Cage* Loser Leaves CXWI Match (Since Johnny Cage was the one pinned, Johnny Cage is fired.)
5 Senelicr* (The Order) def. JSR (The Dark Warriors), Vector and Shadow* CXWI Rep. Match
6 The Mario Bros. (Mario* and Luigi*) def. Bowser* and Donkey Kong Mushroom Kingdom Showdown (If Mario and Luigi win, Peach is freed from Bowser and he will pay for the abortion. If Bowser wins, Mario is Bowser's personal slave, and plans for Luigi are yet unknown.)
7 Sonic (The Four Horsemen) def. Tails (The Order) 3 Stages of Hell: Stage 2: Tables Match
8 Christopher Daniels (iMPACT) def. Booker T (WWE) and Senelicr* (The Order)(CXWI) Reps Match
9 Jack Stanbridge and Phil Meng (The Dark Warriors) def. Arby 'n the Chief (John-117 and Arbiter) (The Four Horsemen) (c) Tag Match for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
10 Reptile def. Espio (c), Falco*, M.E and Sektor Arcade Gold Sweep for the CXWI Arcade Championship
11 Randy Lee def. Vince Ford, Wildcatv1 and Blaziken Money in the Bank Ladder Match
12 Sonic (The Four Horsemen) def. Tails (The Order) 3 Stages of Hell: Stage 3: 15 Minute IronMan Match
13 The Rock def. John Cena Hardcore Rules
14 Mewtwo def. Lucario (c) and Austin Juhasz Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Elimination Rules Match for the CXWI World Championship

Note*: This would be the last Golden Ambitions for this participant.

Match 10:

Draw Participant Order Eliminated by
1 Sektor 1 Falco
2 M.E 2 Reptile
3 Falco 3 Reptile
4 Reptile N/A WINNER
5 Espio 4 Reptile