Golden Ambitions 5
Logo final
Tagline(s) The Duel of The Fates
Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date June 28, 2013
Venue O2 Arena
City London, England
Theme Song "Duel of The Fates" by John Williams
"Falling Apart" by Trust Company
Last Event CXWI Blood Bath 3
Next Event CXWI The Aftermath 5
*Order Results Stipulations
1 The Pokemon Brotherhood(Lucario and Blaziken) def. The Republic(Zoroark and Reptile)(c), The Star Pilots(Captain Falcon and Matthew Hurworth) and Team Chaotix(Espio and Vector) Fatal-4 Way Team Battle Elimination Style Match for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
2 Kurt Angle def. Undertaker Golden Ambitions Dream Match
3 Metal Sonic and Ridley (TNE) def. Phil Meng and Leon S. Kennedy (CXWI) CXWI vs. TNE Match
4 Tails def. Randy Lee Bloody Splinter Match
5 Tons of Speed (Donkey Kong and Sonic) def. The Bay Area Slammers (Justin and M.E) No.1 Contender's Match for the CXWI Tag Team Championship at CXWI The Aftermath 5
6 Knuckles def Jeff Hardy If Jeff wins, he gets 50% owenership of management
7 Mewtwo def. Sektor (c) Singles Match for the CXWI Arcade Championship
8 Arbiter def. Master Chief Tap Out or Knock Out; Loser Leaves CXWI
9 Jack Stanbridge def JSR, Vince Ford and Silver Money in the Bank Ladder Match
10 Wildcatv1 def. Misterbones Submissions Count Anywhere
11 Austin Juhasz def. SMCS 60-Minute Iron Man Match; Loser Leaves CXWI
12 Queen Woka def. Benjamin Daniel YTA Finals
Main Sebulba def. Anakin Skywalker (c) Singles Match for the CXWI World Championship
14 Jack Stanbridge def. Sebulba (c) CXWI World Championship/Money in the Bank Cash-in Match
  • 6: Matt Hardy interfered to double team Knuckles along side Jeff, however The Rock came out in defense of Knuckles.
  • 8: Desann would come out after the match and attack both Master Chief and Arbiter.

Match 1:

Elimination Eliminatee Eliminator
1 Lucario Vector
2 Vector Captain Falcon
3 Reptile Blaziken
4 Captain Falcon Zoroark
5 Espio Matthew Hurworth
6 Matthew Hurworth Zoroark
7 Zoroark Blaziken

Team Battle Rules:

1. One Person from Each Team will start the match

2. Two Legal Men in the ring, Two Illegal Men on the Apron; They can be tagged in by anyone at anytime.

3. Elimination occurs by either pinfall, submission, or knock out.

4. When the first member of the team is eliminated, the second member of the team will enter the match.

5. A team is eliminated from the match when both members have been eliminated.

6. Once the others three teams have been eliminated, the last team standing will be the winners.