Gumblet of Pwnage
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc
Date May 6, 2011
Venue Rexall Place
City Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Theme Song "Believe" by Arashi
Last Event CXWI Exodus
Next Event CXWI Blizzard of Blood
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Match Type
1 Chavo Guerrero 1 Sektor N/A
2 Sektor 2 Bowser Normal Rules
3 Bowser* 8 Austin Juhasz Hardcore Rules
4 The Rock 3 Bowser Normal Rules
5 Wildcatv1 4 Bowser Normal Rules
6 Mario* 5 Bowser T-Bones Rules
7 Lance Storm 6 Bowser T-Bones Rules
8 Matthew Hurworth 7 Bowser Hardcore Rules
9 Austin Juhasz 9 Misterbones KO Only
10 Misterbones** 10 Ash Normal Rules
11 Johnny Cage* ** 11 Ash 5-Minute IronMan
12 Ash* ** 12 Falco Triple Threat Normal Rules
13 Falco* 17 Harry Rupra Hardcore Rules
14 Sonic/The Werehog 13 Falco Hardcore Rules
15 M.E 14 Falco T-Bones Rules
16 TylerWWE* 15 Falco Normal Rules
17 Jonny Blaze* 16 Falco Normal Rules
18 Harry Rupra* 18 Espio KO Only
19 Espio*** 21 Master Chief KO Only
20 Randy Lee 19 Espio Ring Out
21 Vector*** 20 Master Chief 10-Minute IronMan
22 Master Chief*** 22 Sora Triple Threat T-Bones Rules
23 Sora* (c) 23 SMCS Harcore Rules
24 SMCS (c) 24 Mewtwo KO Only
25 Mewtwo (c) 30 Lucario T-Bones Rules
26 John Cena 25 Mewtwo Normal Rules
27 Venom* 26 Mewtwo Normal Rules
28 Rob Van Dam 27 Mewtwo Hardcore Rules
29 Tails 28 Mewtwo KO Only
30 Ken* 29 Mewtwo No Pinfall
31 Lucario (c) 32 Arbiter Hardcore Rules
32 Blaziken 31 Lucario Tables
33 Arbiter (c) N/A WINNER Tables
34 Batista 33 Arbiter Hardcore Rules
35 Justin 34 Arbiter Hardcore Rules
36 Shadow* 35 Arbiter Tables, Laders, and Chairs

Notes: *This would be the final Gumblet for this participant. **Due to ending in a draw, Misterbones and Johnny Cage advanced into a triple threat match with Ash. ***Due to a glitch on the points screen, Espio and Vector advanced into a triple threat match with Master Chief

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