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Hyperlink '16
CXWI Hyperlink '16 (1)
Tagline(s) "Let's Interact!"
Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date May 20, 2016
Venue MK Dons Stadium
City Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England
Theme Song "Angels Fall" by Breaking Benjamin
Last Event CXWI European Crusade
Next Event CXWI Art of Pain 7
Order Results Stipulation
Pre 1 Vega defeated Tommaso Cappelli, Cyrax and Mick Callaway Fatal 4-Way T-Bones Rules match
Pre 2 Andrew Khan defeated Billy Bowers and Vick Kay Triple Threat match
1 Thel Vadam (c) defeated Captain Falcon

CXWI All Star Championship, Bloody Splinter match


Matthew Hurworth: 20%

Captain Falcon: 22%

Tails: 18%

Blaziken: 26%

Myst Motone: 14%

2 Wildcatv1 defeated Randy Lee


Submission: 21%

K.O. Only: 24%

Bloody Splinter: 55%

3 Brandon Wolfe & Gregory Andrews (c) defeated The Deady Saints (Firestar Hart & Johnny Gat)

CXWI Tag Team Championship


The Deadly Saints: 50%

Progression: 43%

The European Union: 7%

4 Lester Barkley defeated Sebulba Punishment to the Loser


Lester - Can't Challenge for Any Title until Golden Ambitions: 11%
Wear a Chicken Suit Between Hyperlink & Art of Pain: 11%
Gives His Services to Sebulba: 78%

Sebulba - The Money Makers Must Disband: 13%
Forfeit His Spot in the CXWI Cup: 8%
Give His Services, Rights of the Money Makers & Ownership of His Money to Desann: 79%

5 Samus Aran-Juhasz (c) defeated Wanda Maximoff CXWI Women's Championship, Hardcore Rules


T-Bone Rules: 32%

Hardcore Rules: 61%

No Pinfalls: 8%

6 Blaziken defeated Dark Forge (c)

CXWI International Championship, Hardcore Rules


Matthew Hurworth: 20%

Captain Falcon: 22%

Tails: 18%

Blaziken: 26%

Myst Motone: 14%

7 Mewtwo defeated Reptile


Reptile: 44%

Broly: 36%

Jaken'na Kokoro: 20%

8 Austin Juhasz def. Ben Hopkins (c) CXWI World Championship, 3 Stages of Hell (1st Stage: Warehouse match, 2nd Stage: Habour From Hell match, 3rd Stage (If needed): Hell In A Cell match)

3rd place = 1st stage

2nd place = 2nd stage

1st place = 3rd stage (if needed)

Hell In A Cell Match: 20%

Habour From Hell: 19%

Warehouse Match: 16%

  • Pre 2 - After the match, Khan was assaulted by Darkrai.
  • 1a - Thel Vadam assaulted Capt. Falcon post-match until Matthew Hurworth tried to stop Thel, but was attacked as well.
  • 1b - Reptile came out and assaulted Thel. Reptile then announced that he's cashing in his All Star title shot that he won in that 4-Way Steel Cage match on Hitz 95. Reptile wins the impromptu match to become the new CXWI All Star Champion.
  • 3 - After the match, Zinyak & Bob assaulted Brandon Wolfe & Gregory Andrews due to their frustration of not being voted into the tag team championship match.
  • 4a - During the match, Desann came down to the ring as he distracts Lester. Later in the match, Desann attacked Lester as Sebulba joins in. In the final moments of the match, Desann was going to hit Lester with a crutch, but Lester moves out of the way at the last second and Desann hits Sebulba with the crutch.
  • 4b - Due to the match's stipulation, Sebulba gave his services, rights of the Money Makers & ownership of his money to Desann.
  • 6a - During the match, Thel Vadam helped his master to attack Blaziken.
  • 6b - Later in the match, the mysterious woman that last seen on the last episode of Hitz distracted Thel until Dark Forge assaulted Thel and moments later, the mysterious woman attacked Dark Forge. The mysterious woman was later revealed as Alyssa Cheuvront-Standbridge.
  • 6c - After the match, Desann assaulted Blaziken with a replica title belt from behind. Desann then announces that he cashes in his International title shot he've received on Hitz 95, but was stopped by Mew-Two.
  • 8a - During the third stage of the match, Co-C.O.O. Phil Meng came into the cell and picks up Ben. Ben then clotheslines Austin out of the ring, Phil gives Ben the RKO! Austin then got up and stares at Phil as he gives the Death Warrent to Ben and gets the pinfall.
  • 8b - After the match, Austin attacked Ben as Phil looks on. Broly ran down to the ring with a steel chair attacked with Austin.


  • On the Hyperlink preshow, Steven Armstrong, Master Chief & Sonic the Hedgehog introduced the first 7 participants of the E.D.O. (Extra Developmental Opportunies Scheme) roster and the individuals were revealed as Vega, Andrew Khan, Billy Bowers, Cyrax, Tommaso Cappelli, Mick Callaway and Vick Kay as they competed in two different matches to show everyone what E.D.O. is gonna to be expected in the following weeks.

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