Hyperlink Revolution
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date September 24, 2012
Venue SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
City Glasgow, Scotland
Theme Song "Revolution" by Pennywise
Last Event CXWI Viva Las Vegas
Next Event CXWI Art of Pain 5
Order Results Stipulations
1 Mewtwo def. Andrew Khan
  • Hardcore Rules = 80%
  • 2 out of 3 Falls = 13%
  • T-Bones Rules = 7%
What Type of Match will it be?
2 Wildcatv1 def. Matthew Hurworth (c)
  • Reptile = 6%
  • Wildcatv1 = 50%
  • Blaziken = 32%
  • Vince Ford = 12%
CXWI Arcade Championship; Matthew Hurworth (c) vs. ???
3 Arbiter & Leon S. Kennedy def. Master Chief & JSR
  • Tables Match = 33.3%
  • Strange Bed-Fellows Tag Team Match = 33.3%
  • First Blood = 33.3%

(Due to the votes being a tie between all matches, COO Knuckles decided on a Blood Splinter Tag Team Match.)

What Type of match should it be?
4 Sonic & Tails def. Team Chaotix (Espio & Vector) (c)
  • Sonic and Tails = 74%
  • The Basham Brothers = 13%
  • Dante and the Prince of Persia = 13%
CXWI Tag Team Championship: Team Chaotix (c) vs. ???
5 Sebulba def. Anakin Skywalker
  • Pin-Fall Only = 0%
  • Submissions Only = 27%
  • KO Only = 73%
What Type of match should it be?
6 Zoroark def. Lucario (As a result, Lucario must shave off all of his body fur.)
  • The loser must shave off all of their body fur = 60%
  • The loser must serve as the winner's slave = 13%
  • The loser musr receive a stinkface from the winner = 27%
Loser must...
7 Randy Lee (c) def. Jack Stanbridge CXWI World Championship; Randy Lee (c) vs. ???

SMCS def. Austin Juhasz

  • Winner gets World Title Shot, Hardcore Match = 0%
  • Winner gets World Title Shot, KO Only = 0%
  • Winner gets World Title Shot, Hell in a Cell Match = 100%
Winner becomes the next No. 1 Contender for the CXWI World Championship; World Title Match at CPV will be....
  • 6 - Zoroark uses his powers to shaved the body fur off of Lucario. Mewtwo and Blaziken came to the ring to stop it and Zoroark retreated from the ring when both pokemon enter it at the same time with weapons.
  • 8 - The match changed into a Hell In A Cell Match due to the powers of Zoroark.

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