Immortal 2012
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Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date December 16, 2012
Venue Bercy Arena
City Paris, France
Theme Song "Immortal" by Adema
Last Event CXWI Art of Pain 5
Next Event CXWI Uprising
Order Results Stipulations
1 Anakin Skywalker is the winner Enter the Picture 10-Man Rumble
2 Justin def. JSR Steel Cage Match
3 Zoroark and Reptile def. Sonic & Tails (c) Tornado Tag Team Rules for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
4 Master Chief def. Arbiter Bloody Splinter
5 Mewtwo def. Sebulba by disqualification T-Bones Rules
6 Wildcatv1 def. Sektor (c) Tap Out or Knock Out for the CXWI Arcade Championship
7 SMCS (c) vs. Lucario ended in no contest TLC Match for the CXWI World Championship; Special Enforcer: Austin Juhasz

Match 1:

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Austin Juhasz 4 Captian Falcon
2 Vince Ford 1 Blaziken
3 Donkey Kong 3 Skywalker
4 Blaziken 2 Skywalker
5 Anakin Skywalker N/A WINNER
6 Captain Falcon 6 Skywalker
7 Phil Meng 7 Skywalker
8 Silver 5 Captain Falcon
9 Jack Stanbridge 8 Skywalker
10 Skeletor 9 Skywalker