In2 The O2
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Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date February 16, 2015
Venue O2 Arena
City London, England
Theme Song "Falling Apart" by TRUSTCompany
Last Event CXWI Anarchy in Azteca
Next Event CXWI Golden Ambitions 6
Order Results Stipulation
1 Ben Hopkins won by last eliminating Zavok 10 Man Royal Rumble Match
2 Haru Glory def. Sonic.EXE Singles Match
3 Dural def. Amy Rose, Earth and Kitana Fatal 4-Way MITB Qualifier
4 Mewtwo def. Myst Motone Grudge Match
5 Zeena & Tavion def. Alyssa & Samus Aran-Juhasz Women's Tag Team Match
6 Blaziken won by last eliminating Anakin Skywalker 10 Man Royal Rumble Match
  • 1 - JSR replaced one of the participants of the match, who he replaced was not announced.
  • 2A - As Sonic was going for the pin, Dark Forge came from the crowd to hit Sonic from behind with Brass Knuckles but was blocked and the two brawled until Dark Forge hit a Dark Void on Sonic.
  • 2B - After the match, COH's Sonny Hammound attacked Haru from behind until Scott McShannon came in and hit a running powerbomb through one of the commentary tables.
  • 4 - Motone was heading to the back until Silver stopped him and put him back in the ring. Silver and Mewtwo then double teamed him until Mewtwo scored the pin.

Match 1: 10 Man Royal Rumble Match

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Hitmonchan 1 Dark Forge
2 Dark Forge 5 Zoroark
3 Randy Lee 2 Dark Forge
4 JSR 3 Zoroark
5 Zoroark 7 Hopkins
6 Sebulba 4 Hopkins
7 Ben Hopkins N/A WINNER
8 Zavok 9 Hopkins
9 M.E 6 Zavok
10 Vince Ford 8 Hopkins

Match 6: 10 Man Royal Rumble Match

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Blaziken N/A WINNER
2 Reptile 1 Blaziken
3 Johnny Gat 2 Tails
4 Tails 3 Zinyak
5 Zinyak 4 Blaziken
6 Guile 7 Skywalker
7 Wildcatv1 6 Guile
8 Bart Simpson 5 Wildcatv1
9 Anakin Skywalker 9 Blaziken
10 Matthew Hurworth 8 Blaziken

Miscellaneous Facts

  • TRUSTCompany performed a live peformance of Falling Apart at North Greenwich Underground Station before the event.
  • Austin Juhasz and CXWI C.O.O. Shadow the Hedgehog had a final confrontation in the ring before their match at Golden Ambitions VI wit CXWI Owner Elliot May aka Ellibod1 monitoring them. The two continued their confrontation until Austin attacked Shadow, starting a fight between the two. Austin & Elliot double teamed Shadow until Bowser came from the crowd and attacked Elliot from behind.