CXWI International Championship
Current champion(s) Myst Motone
Date Won June 9, 2017
League CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
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Introduced 2008
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Most reigns Blaziken (5)
First Champion N/A
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Longest Reign Zoroark (262 Days)
Shortest Reign Blaziken (2 Days)
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CXWI International Championship is the midcard title in CXWI.


Title Reign(s) # of Days of Reign Where they won the title
Johnny Cage 1 15 Days CXWI Crash 'n' Burn 3

defeated Sora

Arbiter 1 47 Days

CXWI Blood Bath 2

Blaziken 1 25 Days

CXWI Golden Ambitions 3

Harry 1 18 Days

CXWI Exodus

Blaziken 2 2 Days

CXWI Hitz Episode 32 - Harry was stripped of the title and the title was rewarded to the previous champion, Blaziken.


CXWI Road the the Gumblet of Pwnage Episode 11 - Due to The Clan's attack on Blaziken, he was forced to be stripped of the title due to injuries

M.E 1 27 Days

CXWI Melee Episode 33 - Won a 20-Man Royal Rumble last eliminating Bowser

Blaziken 3 21 Days

CXWI Melee Episode 34

Sektor 1 75 Days

CXWI Melee Episode 35

Bowser 1 21 Days

CXWI Art of Pain 4

Espio 1 7 Days

CXWI Immortal 2011



41 Days

CXWI Melee Episode 41

Vince Ford 1 24 Days

CXWI Melee Episode 43


CXWI Overload


Title was abolished in favor of the CXWI Arcade Championship and Arcade Division

Title Reinstated

Title was reinstated by Knuckles at CXWI World Tour: Hong Kong and will replace the CXWI Arcade Championship

Sonic.EXE 1 14 Days

CXWI World Tour: Hong Kong

Myst Motone 1 14 Days

CXWI World Tour: Japan

Sonic.EXE 2 112 Days

CXWI Path of Glory 2

Firestar Hart 1 130 Days

CXWI Hyperlink '14

Zoroark 1 262 Days

CXWI Survivor

Blaziken 4 83 Days

CXWI Golden Ambitions 6

Zavoc 1 22 Days

CXWI The Aftermath 6

Mewtwo 1 31 Days

CXWI On The Road To The POG Series Finale Ep. 5

Zavoc 2 94 Days

CXWI Path of Glory 3 Series Finale

Tails 1 107 Days

CXWI Path of Glory 3

Dark Forge 1 112 Days

CXWI European Crusade

Blaziken 5 183 Days

CXWI Hyperlink '16

Broly 1 102 Days

CXWI Art of Pain 7

Sebubla 1 100 Days

CXWI Melee Episode 35

Myst Motone 2 75+ Days

CXWI Worlds Apart

Note: This is as of December 2010.

Other former champions include Jonny Blaze, JSR, Predator, Randy Lee, and Sora.

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