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Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date December 1st, 2013
Venue St. James' Park
City Newcastle, England
Theme Song "Price to Play" by Staind
Last Event CXWI Path of Glory 2
Order Results Stipulations
Pre-Show Firestar Hart def. Robert Patrick Mastromonaco(RPM), Brandon "Hungry Like A" Wolfe and Gold Skull Winner wins a contract to CXWI and a match for the CXWI International Title at CXWI Hyperlink
1 Mewtwo X def. Johnny Gat, Sebulba, Arbiter, Austin JuhaszPreston Pearce, Lucario, M.E, Reptile and Wildcatv1 10-Man Royal Rumble; Winner enters the World Title Vote at CXWI Hyperlink '14
2 Sonic.EXE (c) def. Dark Forge and Silver First Blood Elimination Match for the CXWI International Championship
3 She-Hulk def. Tavion Women's Action
4 CPA (Espio and Vector) def. The New Regime (Phil Meng & Ben Masters) (c) Tag Team Match for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
5 Austin Juhasz def. Groundskeeper Willie Trip to Oblivion Match
6 Kitana def. Samus Aran (c) Singles Match for the CXWI Women's Championship
7 Jack Stanbridge def. Zinyak Bloody Splinter Match
Main Event Desann (c) def. JSR, Anakin Skywalker and Randy Lee Fatal 4-Way TLC Match for the CXWI World Championship
  • Match 1: Groundskeeper Willie interfered and eliminated Austin Juhasz, making Mewtwo X the winner.
  • Match 3: Earth would attack She-Hulk after the match.
  • Match 5: This was made on the spot when Austin Juhasz chased Groundskeeper Willie to this area.
  • Match 6: Phil Meng would interfere in the match and help Kitana win the Women's Championship.
  • Main Event: Mewtwo attacked Desann and lay Desann out with a Tombstone Piledriver through one of the commentary tables.

Match 1:

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Austin Juhasz 9 Mewtwo X
2 Reptile 1 Juhasz
3 Lucario 2 Juhasz
4 Arbiter 4 Juhaz
5 Preston Pearce 3 Juhasz
6 Wildcatv1 5 Juhasz
7 M.E 6 Juhasz
8 Sebulba 7 Juhasz
9 Johnny Gat 8 Jhasz
10 Mewtwo X N/A WINNER