Path of Glory
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc
Date June 3rd, 2012
Venue Air Canada Centre
City Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Theme Song "Revelations" by Veiger Margeirsson
Last Event CXWI The Aftermath 4
Next Event CXWI Into The Fire
# Results Stipulations
1 Misterbones def. Vector and Sektor Arcade Division Lethal Lottery
2 Master Chief def. Blaziken, Wildcatv1, Justin, Tails, Reptile, M.E, Espio, Falco and Donkey Kong Enter The Picture 10-Man Royal Rumble
3 The Saints (Dante and the Prince of Persia) def. The Dark Warriors (Phil Meng and Jack Stanbridge) (c) CXWI Tag Team Championship
4 Sonic def. Andrew Khan T-Bones Rules
5 Knuckles def. SMCS C.O.O. Position Match
6 Matthew Hurworth defeated Vince Ford (c) Tap Out or Knock Out for the CXWI Arcade Championship
7 Bowser def. Lucario KO Only
8 Arbiter def. Mewtwo (c) Hardcore Rules for the CXWI World Championship
  • 3 - Luigi attacked Sonic after the match.
  • 7 - Zoroark interfered during the match.

Match 2:

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Blaziken 5 Espio
2 Wildcatv1 1 Blaziken
3 Justin 3 Reptile
4 Tails 2 Blaziken
5 Reptile 4 Master Chief
6 M.E 8 Donkey Kong
7 Master Chief N/A WINNER
8 Espio 7 Master Chief
9 Falco 6 Chief, M.E, & Espio
10 Donkey Kong 9 Master Chief