The Return of the Derby
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Promotion Combat Xtreme Wrestling Inc
Date February 3, 2012
Venue Pride Park Stadium
City Derby County, England
Theme Song "Europa" by Globus
Last Event CXWI Crash 'n' Burn 4
Next Event CXWI Mayhem in Miami

Order Results Stipulations
1 Sonic def. Sektor , Justin, and SMCS CXWI Arcade Division Lethal Lottery
2 Arby 'n the Chief (The Four Horsemen) (John-117 and Arbiter) defeated The Order (Senelicr and Jonny Blaze) (c) Tornado Tap Out or Knock Out Tag Match for the CXWI Tag Team Championship
3 Bowser defeated The Mario Bros. (Mario and Luigi) Bad Issues Handicap Match
4 Tails (The Order) and John Cena def. Jack Stanbridge (The Dark Warriors) and The Rock More Bad Issues Tag Match
5 Espio (c) def. Vector T-Bones Rules Match for the CXWI Arcade Championship
6 Austin Juhasz defeated Mewtwo If he Austin wins then he is in the Golden Ambitions 4 main event but if he lose then he won't get a CXWI World Title Shot after Golden Ambitions as long as Lucario or Mewtwo is the champion.
7* Lucario (c) def. Falco* TLC Match for the CXWI World Championship

Note*: Falco cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to receive this match.