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CXWI Tribute to Lucario
CXWI Tribute to Lucario Special
Tagline(s) "CXWI will never forget you, Lucario."
Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date September 19, 2015
Venue TBD
City TBD
Theme Song "Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd
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For one night, CXWI paid tribute to one of their biggest legends in its' history, Lucario who passed away due to AIDS.

Order Results Stipulation
1 Andrew Khan defeated Gregory Andrews Singles match
2 Randy Lee defeated Hitmonchan, Brandon Wolfe, and Sebulba Fatal 4-Way match
3 SMCS defeated Desann Singles match
4 The New Regime (Ben Hopkins & Phil Meng) defeated The Deadly Saints (Firestar Hart & Johnny Gat) Tag Team match
5 Sonic & Tails defeated The Super Mario Brothers (Mario & Luigi) Tag Team Match
6 Jessica Pink defeated Kitana "Stink Face" match
7 Broly and Link defeated Arby 'n The Chief (Arbiter & Master Chief) Tornado Hardcore Tag Team match
8 Blaziken defeated Mewtwo Singles match
  • - Andrew Khan. Phil Meng, Master Chief, Mario and Luigi returned for the event
  • 8 - After the match, Shepard came out and announce Lucario's induction into the CXWI Hall of Fame.