Worlds Apart
CXWI Worlds Apart
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Promotion CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc.
Date June 9, 2017
Venue AccorHotels Arena
City Paris, France
Theme Song "Love Will Find You (Seperate Ways)" by Journey
Last Event CXWI Art of Pain 7
Next Event CXWI Tag Team Titans
Order Results Stipulation
Preshow Alyssa Stanbridge defeated Aria Blaze Count-Out match
1 Rocket Raccoon & Groot defeated Progression (Bob & Zinyak) Tornado Tag match
2 Zeena defeated Samus Aran-Juhasz (c), Kitana and Wanda Maxioff Fatal 4-Way match for the CXWI Women's Championship
3 Gorilla Grodd defeated Andrew Khan and John Blackos Elevation match; Winner comes up to the Main Roster.
4 Max Muller (c) defeated M.E T-Bones Rules for the CXWI All Star Championship
5 Blaziken & Lester Barkley (c) defeated The Brotherhood (Tails & Sonic) CXWI Tag Team Championship
6 SMCS & Ben Hopkins defeated Hitmonchan & Reptile Tag Team match
7 Myst Motone defeated Sebulba (c) by knockout Tap Out or Knock Out match for the CXWI International Championship
8 Austin Juhasz (c) defeated Zavok CXWI World Championship
  • 1. Firestar Heart & Johnny Gat attacked Rocket Raccoon & Groot post-match.
  • 2. During the match, Samus disappered under mysterious circumstances. After the match, Zeena was attacked by Yani-Chan before being stopped by Alyssa.
  • 3. During the match, Paul Phoenix assaulted Blackos culminating with him throwing Blackos off top of the ambulance. Later in the match, Andrew Khan was distracted by a titantron message, later revealed to be the debuting Isacoff, assisting Gorilla Grodd to win the match. Isacoff attacked Andrew after the match was over.
  • 4. During the match, CXWI World Champion Austin Juhasz came down to ringside distracting M.E to assist Max Muller.
  • 5.Blaziken originally laid down for Tails to confirm his allegiance with The Brotherhood, however, would trick Tails into a roll up instead. Post-match, Sonic and Tails tried to attack the champions, only for it to backfire.
  • 6. SMCS' mystery partner was revealed as the returning Ben Hopkins, who hasn't been seen since Hyperlink '16.
  • 7. Post-match, Broly attacked Motone.
  • 8. In the final moments of the match, Austin attempted to use a Singapore Cane on Zavok, only for M.E to take it from him and hit Zavok instead, forming a new alliance. Post-match continued their assault on Zavok before Mewtwo came out and challenged Juhasz.