Vince Russo spits on your booking decisions.

This category is for league pages that are notorious for multiple bad booking decisions. Here are the reasons these leagues are here:

- Anime Championship Wrestling for their obnoxious overbooking of having multiple interference angles and wacky whatnot, most notably in every PPV main event.

- Battle-X for heavily influence anime characters as sexual objects such as Misty & May from Pokémon and Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z who " bribed the higher-ups with sex to be put into the singles title matches". This is also the case, naming their Female X-Division title, the "XXX-Division Title", another sexual reference. They've also booked a 6-Woman Hell In A Cell, not only as the shows opener and not only for their female Hardcore Championship, but in an independent level promotion, a very unrealistic feat in any regard.

- CAW Champions League for multiple reasons, including the resurrecting the dead Mason Kronik, introducing the CAW Champion of Champions, the infamous Nexus rip-off stable The Movement, for pushing his friends to the absolute moon, for having a shitty roster (while it had a plethora of genuine big-name superstars in its early days, the grand majority of them quit the promotion one-by-one after being fed up with the horrible booking and misuse of talent, resulting in only a few big names and all the especially crappy characters remaining), and for their horrible style of production. Another questionable move saw Gregory Black enter and win a Money in the Bank ladder match despite having been banned from title competition and went on to cash in and win the title despite said ban.

CAW Xtreme Wrestling Inc. for varies reasons involving abortion, rape and murder storylines, but most notably for their use of Pokemon character Lucario being a sex slave to fellow Pokemon Zoroark. Said sex slave storyline ended with Lucario being released from CXWI "Due to suffering AIDs in its' highest form", essentially meaning Lucario was dying. Later, it was announced that Lucario had died, and CXWI did a "tribute show" for him, which was viewed as being tasteless by many. This promotion runs off storylines with shock factors for the sake of shock factors and none of them really hit home. They've become so common that the events of murders and rapes are just shrugged off. Added on May 20th, CXWI has also had the common theme of overly complex storylines, almost every PPV involving post-match attacks, interference, swerved attacks, and mystery individual reveal, sometimes multiple time and all into one match. Similar to their rape, abortion and sex storylines, they become so common that it's now just a regular thing and not considered special; a now very accurate trope for the fed. Another trope to add on to the ongrowing list, is the over use of WWE/TNA themes, often extremely unfitting, mostly for fantasy CAWs that have their own soundtracks or other songs from their respective source.

- DCA Wrestling for cross-promoting with CCL and BATTLE PRO by putting the CCL World title and BATTLE PRO Infinite Championship on Mary-Sue Casey Gordon in his first match for both promotions. The BATTLE PRO Infinite Championship was later vacated. DCA also booked an "MMA Rules" match, which included diving moves, chair spots, ladder spots and table spots.

- Elite Dynasty Federation for the entire Leathel Lottery debacle. The event featued cameos from its sister fed, RSW, which had never produced a show at the time (and went on to fold without ever having produced an episode), and fans were expected to immediately recognize RSW superstars despite its lack of shows and the fact that their EDF cameos were actually the public CAW debut of most of them. It also featured Lemarcus Carter (fresh off a new look that received a lukewarm reaction from the community) losing clean in a midcard title match, then returning later on to win a Royal Rumble for the World Championship.

- Entertainment Wrestling Dynasty for mary-sue booking the owners CAW, Steven as well as making parody NWO, Shield and Main Event Mafia stables under the same name but with unoriginal CAW's, as well as creating Sister Abigail, who is a character in Bray Wyatts backstory, who Wyatt explained was dead in multiple promos.

- Story Mode Federation for a multitude of reasons, including the overuse of sex/rape jokes (Most notably, an episode of WAR which featured back-to-back sex scenes between Mercurius and Tifa Lockhart, Tiger Woods and Tifa Lockhart, Doug Funnie and Christopher Lowell, and Bob Ross and one of the Hansen brothers), the same comedy routines repeated over and over again, overall nonsensical booking decisions (Such as Shindu Basa interfering in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match between Osama Bin Laden and Burger King, stealing the case, and being declared the winner despite not being an actual participant in the match), and the overuse of old memes and dated pop culture references.


Wade Needham's notorious E-begging.

- SLAM n JAM for the sole fact of Wade Needhams many attempts of media whoring. This includes the notorious asking for money in exchange for advertisement on his CAW show (as show to the picture to the right) aswell as the tying in of the GetWadeLaid Myspace scandal.

- Total Nonstop Xtreme Animation for pushing unconvincing 10 year old babyface Timmy Turner (not only possible the most unconvincing fantasy CAW World Champion ever, but able to "hold his own" with WWE Wrestler and MMA Fighter, Brock Lesnar) and Mary-Sue original diva CAW Jessica Pink to the absolute moon.

- Ultimate Wrestling Federation for not only trying to become the next NoDQ CAW by adopting their championships and the championships history, which at one point became inconsistant since NoDQ returned, but for the overexadurated slogan "Almost as fun as masterbating".

- Mercurius' Vixenz Wrestling Federation and its predecessor, New Gen Wrestling. NGW infamously featured an angle that culminated in Mercurius himself having sex with Sailor Moon character Ami Mizuno (who happens to be underage, essentially resulting in Merc writing himself as a pedophile, as a Babyface no less). It's also worth mentioning that Ami spoke in a creepy text-to-speech voice, and the whole scene was intended to be taken seriously, and was not a comedy scene. VWF, for the "Amnesia" of Aerith Gainsborough being cured by a Top Rope Brain Buster, which was explained in character before hand to work.

- World CAW Wrestling for numerous booking mistakes near the end of its initial run. Poor choices include the booking of Cruiserweight superstar Evan O'Shea as a Monster Heel, the endless jobbing of real-life wrestlers (to the point where they seemingly existed on the show for the sole purpose of putting over CAW talent), hiring Danny Jackpot to much fanfare and immediately jobbing him out to Lemarcus Carter among others, and a last minute booking change during a Ladder Match in a joint CPV with DCWL, which forced DCWL to fire Danny Jackpot (which DCWL Owner Derek The V Extreme had no intention of doing prior and was not informed of the booking change beforehand), all to give Carter's secondary character, Tikwan Coger, a win over Danny Jackpot and further satisfy Carter's bizarre obsession with beating Danny Jackpot.

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