This category lists characters who fall under differences in appearance, history, moveset, accomplishments and other miscellaneous details about the character, otherwise known as the Multiverse Rule.

Ultimately, the Multiverse Rule is intended for characters who do not have a singular owner in the community. The usage of the characters in this category is free game, however whatever is done with one version on the character may not be recognized or considered cannon by another user of the same character.

Fantasy Characters are the most common to fall under this rule, however they all tend to stick to the original premise of the character they are using and not draw very far from it. For example; changing the ethnicity of Superman or changing the identity of Batman to suit booking situations. Although the characters look and history also varies on the version of the character you wish to use, such as most comic book characters having different origin stories or are portrayed by different actors in movies and TV shows.

Some Original Characters fall under this rule too, as Jacob Cass is a programmed character in WWE'12, everything about the character can be changed to suit the user, with the only exception being the name; as not using the name would ultimately mean it's a different character. AKI Man also falls under this rule, however his ethnicity, name and attire are universally locked to stay true to the character, changing any of it would not register as the same character.


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