This category is to organise a list of people in the CAW Community that have trained others.

Unlike the Training Facilities category, this one provides the individuals that have trained students, that may or may not have been a part of a Wrestling Gym, School, Dojo or any other kind of training Facility.

The Best trainer in CAW currently would be The Suspect, who has trained names such as Matt Eichorn, Steven Santos, Eddie Domainian, Caylen Rogers, Jason Matthews, as well as training Brent Harvanator late into his career. He's also in charge of Suspect's Lariat Dungeon, a group of his students in a ficticious stable.

Danny Jackpot is trailing behind slightly, having trained names such as Biff Andreas, Zach Starr, Steven Raden and Jeremy James. In 2014, Danny Jackpot and Biff Andreas would open up a training facility together in order to train future New-NAW and AWP prospects.

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