history made by Blackbohnster in 2004 useing Original caw

Season 1

Season One

show 1

C-Wolf vs. Nick Slayer

Via Pinfall

Mister Bean vs. Edison

Via Pinfall

CAW-D Tag Team Championship Match Team Mafia vs. Casper Whitebread and Demented Dr. Dave Via Pinfall

CAW-D Heavyweight Championship Match The Phoenix vs. Demon Angel Via Pinfall

Show 2


Scott Horan vs. Mike Lombardi Via Pinfall

TLC Rematch for CAW-D Tag Title Don Monkey vs. Casper Whitebread Via Pinfall

T3 vs. The Bouncer Via Pinfall

show 3


  1. 1 Contendership Match for CAW-D Heavyweight Title

The Bouncer vs. The Phoenix Via Pinfall

Elimination Chamber Match Sgt. Proper vs. Enroth vs. PAIN vs. Jonny Tramayne vs. Rage vs. Red Shadow Via Pinfall

CAW-D Heavyweight Title Match The Phoenix vs. Demon Angel Via Pinfall

show 4


CAW-D Tag Team Title Match Casper Whitebread and Demented Dr. Dave vs. Team Mafia Via Pinfall

Jack Jeckel vs. Deminox Via Pinfall

CAW-D Heavyweight Championship Match PAIN vs. The Phoenix Via Pinfall

show 5



Winner Gets "Lift and Cutter" Match Mercurius vs. Jack Jeckel Via Pinfall

Revolution vs. Casper Whitebread and Demented Dr. Dave Via Submission

After this match, Edison was attacked in the locker room by the R.I.P Title competitor,Dragun, causing Edison to be locked in the bathroom and heavily beaten by him. By attacking Edison, Dragun takes Edison's spot in the CAW-D Hardcore Title Match.

CAW-D Hardcore Title Match C-Wolf vs. Nick Slayer vs. Dragon vs. Mister Bean Via Pinfall

CAW-D Heavyweight Championship Title Match Avatariustus vs. The Phoenix Via Pinfall

Show 6



Debut Match Maestro Flame vs. The Hobbit Via Pinfall

Triple Threat Match Demented Dr. Dave vs. Seth vs. Don Fonikon Via Submission

CAW-D Hardcore Title TLC Match Edison vs. Dragon Via Pinfall

Pain vs. Demon Angel Via Pinfall

Show 7

Mercruius vs. Mike Lombardi Via Pin Fall

After the match, Edison, the CAW-D Hardcore Champion, was suddenly attacked outside in the streets by Demonox. Demonox gave the vulnerable Edison a brutal beating. After the attack, Demonox pinned Edison to become the new Hardcore Champion.

Jonny Tranmanye vs. Wild Dog Via Pin Fall

As soon as the match was over, the new CAW-D Hardcore Champion, Demonox, was attacked in the parking lot by Red Shadow. Demonox suffered a severe beating by Red Shadow, resulting in the victory over Demonox for the CAW-D Hardcore Title. Now, Red Shadow is the new and current CAW-D Hardcore Champion.

The Ministry of Death vs. PAIN and The Phoenix Via Pin Fall

Uncencored Mayhem

Scott Horan vs. Dragon Via Pin Fall

Sgt. Proper vs. PAIN Via Pin Fall

After the match, Red Shadow was attacked backstage by Nick Slayer. Slayer applied the Nick Slayer Twist to Red Shadow, and immediately pinned him to gain the CAW-D Hardcore Championship.

Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match for the CAW-D Tag Team Championship Demented Dr. Dave and Casper Whitebread vs. Team Revolution vs. Team Mafia

After the match, the Godfather ordered Team Mafia to attack the referee. This attack was blaimed on the ref by the Godfather because Team Mafia failed to defend the titles. Team Mafia gave a vicious attack to the referee that resulted in a severe concussion and internal bleeding to the referee. After paramedics came to the aid of the referee, another CAW-D official replaced him for the next match.

6-Man Hardcore Time Limit match for the CAW-D Hardcore Championship Nick Slayer vs. C-Wolf vs. Mike Lombardi vs. Red Shadow vs. Edison vs. Demonox Match Status Champion Nick Slayer submits to Edison Edison is pinned by Red Shadow Red Shadow is pinned by Mike Lombardi Mike Lombardi submits to C-Wolf C-Wolf becomes the NEW CAW-D Hardcore Champion

TLC Match Dante vs. Mercurius vs. Jack Jeckel Via Pin Fall

Dante gave Mercurius a beating out of frustration from losing to Mercurius. Dante gave Mercurius not one, but four Bimstone Chokeslams and a Brimstone Slam through the tables. Paramedics rushed to the aid of the injured Mercurius.

CAW-D Heavyweight Championship Match The Phoenix vs. Demon Angel Via Pin Fall

Season 2

show 1

Matt Thomas vs. Slasher Via Pin Fall

  1. 1 Contendership Match Semi-Finals for CAW-D Heavyweight Championship

Avatariustus vs. Rage Via Pin Fall

  1. 1 Contendership Match Semi-Finals for CAW-D Heavyweight Championship

Demon Angel vs. Dante Via Pin Fall

Don Monkey vs. The Bouncer Via Pin Fall

show 2


Debut Match Superbeast vs. Kysko Via Pin Fall

CAW-D Hardcore Championship Match Maestro Flame vs. C-Wolf Via Pin Fall

On his way up the ramp, Maestro Flame was attacked and pinned by Red Shadow.

  1. 1 Contendership Match For The CAW-D Tag Team Championship

D-X 2k4 vs. Team Mafia Via Pin Fall

  1. 1 Contendership Match For The CAW-D Heavyweight Championship
Rage vs. Dante

Via Pin Fall

show 3

CAW-D Hardcore Championship Match PAIN vs. Red Shadow Via Pin Fall

  1. 1 Contendership Match for CAW-D Tag Team Championship

Team Mafia vs. Team Revolution Via Pin Fall

Non Title Match Rage vs. The Phoenix Via Pin Fall

show 4



Debut Match Jimmy Nicmeri vs. Nightshade Via Pin Fall

CAW-D Hardcore Championship Match Mike Lombardi vs. Red Shadow Via Pin Fall

Best of Three Series The Bouncer vs. Demented Dr. Dave Via Pin Fall 2:0

Dante and The Phoenix vs. Rage and The Hobbit Via DQ

show 5

Casper Whitebread vs. A-Bomb Via Pin Fall

After the match, T3 suprised us all by attacking the CAW-D Hardcore Champion, Mike Lombardi, backstage. The champion was able to defend his title after giving T3 the NJKO followed up by a pin.

PAIN vs. Slasher Via Pin Fall

Mike Lombardi was attacked again in the gym by Jonny Tranmanye. Lombardi, slightly injured, recieved a brutal attack from Tranmanye, but it wasn't enough for Tranmanye to capture Lombardi's championship. Lombardi pinned Tranmanye after a NJKO to defend his title.

Ministry of Death vs. Team Revolution Via Submission

The weak Lombardi was attacked for the third time of the night by Red Shadow. Red Shadow was determined to take the title away from the fatigued Lombardi. After Red Shadow gave Lombardi a Shadows Fall on top of a car, Lombardi was able to kick out of that. It was all downhill from that point on when Lombardi gave Red Shadow a NJKO on top of Frederick James Francis's car. Lombardi pinned Red Shadow to defend his title for the third time of the night.

Renegade X vs. The Phoenix Via Pin Fall


Christmas Chaos

Elimination Match Hamish vs. Jimmy Nicmeri vs. Renegede X vs. B-Rad vs. Nightshade vs. Slasher Via pinfall

CAW-D Tag Team Championship Team Mafia vs. Demented Dr. Dave and Casper Whitebread Via Submission

Hell in a Cell Dante vs. The Hobbit Via pinfall

6-Man Hardcore Time Limit Match, CAW-D Hardcore Championship Red Shadow vs. Nick Slayer vs. Scott Horan vs. Jonny Tranmanye vs. C-Wolf vs. T3 Match Status Champion Red Shadow is pinned by Scott Horan Scott Horan is pinned by Red Shadow Red Shadow is pinned by C-Wolf C-Wolf is pinned by Red Shadow

Red Shadow is pinned by Scott Horan Scott Horan is pinned by Red Shadow and defends Title!

CAW-D Championship Rage vs. The Phoenix via pinfall

During the match the lights went out after Phoenix applyed the '3rd Degree Burn' to Rage, the lights came back on and Chrisko from HWL broke up the pin and applyed the 'Chris KO' to The Phoenix to let Rage get the 3-count and win the CAW-D title!

Season 3


Show 1

A Promo aired of Chrisko's and The Phoenix's feud before the show got under way. A new season a new arena!

Chris Powers vs. Mark Bauman Via Pinfall

During the entrance's Fredrick J Francis annouced that Mike Lombardi is parlzyed from the neck down and can no longer wrestle, our prayers and thoughts are with Mike Lombardi!

After the R.I.P Tile commercial, Eric Carmby from R.I.P Tile attacked Slasher, for thinking Slasher turned his back on R.I.P Tile, the camera cut off backstage to the next match.

Red Death vs. Hamish Via Pinfall

Team Mafia (w/The Godfather) vs. The Eliminators Via Submission

Demon Angel vs. Jack Jeckel Via Pinfall

During the Match, Frantic Freak came to the ring and took out Jack with an Super RKO to allow Demon Angel to use the 'Fallen Angel' to get the pin!

CAW-D Championship Kysko vs. Rage Via Pinfall

show 2



Black Crow vs. Manhunt Via Pinfall

Dragon vs. Slasher Via Pinfall

During the match, Eric Carmby once again took out Slasher using the 'Fear of Darkness', allowing Dragon to use the 'Dragon Strecth Buster' to Slasher to get the pinfall!

After the match, a Tribute Video played of the late, great Mike Lombardi.

CAW-D Hardcore Championship Maestro Flame vs. Red Shadow Via Pinfall

Elimination 6-Man Tag Team Match Demon Angel, Rage and Frantic Freak vs. Chris Powers, The Phoenix and Jack Jeckel Via Pinfall by Chris Powers

Show 3

The owner of CAW-D, Blackbohnster, came to the ring to welcome all the CAW-D fans. And also to introduce a new title the CAW-D International Television Title which will be held in a torument, and the first match would be Demon Angel vs. Kysko. Demon Angel came to the ring and did not like the idea of fighting for I.T.V Title, he wanted a shot at the CAW-D Title, but after U.M, Bohn said he would not let Demon Angel ever have a shot at that title again and that he'll face The Phoenix tonight! Out of frustation Demon Angel attacked Bohn then leaving him in the ring.

Luicer vs. Jonny Tramayne vs. Ed Chaz Via Pinfall

After the CWE commercial, Scott 'Dragonfly' Horan attack Red Shadow backstage, maybe due to the fact what he did to Mike Lombardi not so long ago! Scott busted Red Shadow open with a DDT to a Chair, then applyed the 'Dragonfly Twist' to Red Shadow, then pinned Red Shadow to become the new CAW-D Hardcore Champion. Cameras cut off to the next match.

Demon Angel vs. The Phoenix Via Pinfall

After the match, surprisingly Brock Lesnar, the former WWE Superstar makes his way to the ring, and attacks Phoenix, he applyed the F-5 to Phoenix througth an annouce table and then once again in the ring, leave Phoenix a bloddy mess in the ring!

After the XCW commercial, Slasher attacked Carmby in the parking lot, hitting him with an Slegehammer and throwing him into the car windows, when finaly doing the 'Biker Chokeslam' twice to Carmby before cutting off to the next match!

CAW-D Championship Dante vs. Rage Via Pinfall

Dante, celabrated with his new title in the ring as CAW-D Show 3 drew to a close

show 4



Debut Match:

C-Pac vs. Matt Gordan vs. Mike Mendez vs Vass

Via Pinfall

After the CWE commerical, Rage attacked Chris Powers backstage. Then he whiped Powers into a Limo, where Powers was attacked by an unknown Guy. After that, Rage applyed the The Death Sentance & The Rastifarian Splash to finish off Chris Powers.....The camera cut off to the next match........

International TV Title Tournament: Round #1:

Demon Angel vs. Kysko

Via Pinfall

First Demon Angel cheated to win the Match, but CAW-D owner Blackbohnster came out and restarted the match. After that Ksyko suprised Demon Angel with an School-boy and won the match......

After that Block Lesnar came one again to the ring, to attack Blackbohnster. He and Demon Angel applyed both of there Finishers. First Lesnar with the F-5 and then Demon Angel with the Fallen Angel. But then The Phoenix came out, to help Blackbohnster. He and Blackbohnster finished Demon Angel off with the Third degree burn and The CAW-D Elbow.......... The Camera cut off to the next commerical of R.I.P Tile..............

#1 Contendership for the Tag Team Titles:

Team Mafia /w. The Godfather vs. D-X 2k4

D-X2k4 became the #1 Contenders of the Tag Team Championship and CAW-D show 4 gone off air.........

Show 5


International TV Title Tournament Round #1:

Slasher vs. FranticFreak

Via Pinfall

Edward Carnby attacked Slasher in the match, one again and cost him the change to win this Round of the Tournment......

After the NGW commerical........ Blackbohnster came out and said, that he were sick and tired of the actions of Demon Angel and that he wanted that Demon Angel came down to the ring........ Demon Angel appeared in the ring, but Blackbohnster said, that he knew someone, who really wanted to talk to Demon Angel..... Then the Hobbit appeared at the Ring and destoryed Demon Angel, with 4 – Four Swords and 1 Project Powerbomb............ the camera cut off to the next match..........

Hardcore Championship:

Red Shadow vs. "Dragonfly" Scott Horan (c)

Via Pinfall

CAW-D Tag Team Championship:

D-X2k4 vs. Dr. Dave & Casper

Via DQ

Still Tag Team Champs: Dr. Dave & Casper

CAW-D Championship:

????? vs. Dante

The NEW Mercurius, "Omega Male" Mercurius appeared in the Ring and faced Dante in a CAW-D Championship Match!

CAW-D Championship:

"Omega Male" Mercurius vs. Dante

Mercurius, who cheated to win the title, with the CAW-D championship, celebrated in the win and CAW-D Show 5 gone off air...............

Show 6

Debut Match:

Mike Mendez vs. El Jaguardo

Via Pinfall

R.I.P Tile commerical.........

Debut Match:

Zombie Jacob vs. "The" Night

Via Pinfall

After the match, The Godfather tried to get the Hardcore Title from Scott Horan........but he totally failed.He gave The Godfather 3 Dragonfly-Twists and then, after he drunk something......... he pinned him......... the camera cut off to the next match..............

International TV Title Tournament:

Jack Jeckel vs. Maestro Flame

Via Pinfall

During the match.........FranticFreak interfred in the match to face Jeckel in the

finals........... then after the match, he finished him off with the Destoryed Dreams though the announce-table and the Van-Daminator............ the cameras cut off again to an commerical of CWE.

Tag Team Championship:

D-X 2k4 vs. Dr. Dave & Casper

No winner: Double Countout!

CAW-D Championship - Rematch:

Dante vs. "The Omega Male" Mercurius

In the match, Dante used the title two times, to take Mercurius out. After that he finished him off with the Birmstone-Chokeslam and the Birmstone-Slam!

Dante, celabrated with his new title in the ring as CAW-D Show 6 drew to a close!

Show 7

First Match:

B-Rad vs. Pain

Via Pinfall

Zelda commerical.........

After the commercial..... Blackbohnster said the CAW-D title is not longer in the hands of Dante and that it would be a Bloody Battle Royal at Blood, Sweat and Tears for the CAW-D title. And he announced, that Dr. Dave & Casper had to face D-X2k4 once again, but this time in a closed HIAC Match, called: Cought in Hell Match. And he announced, that Demon Angel has to face The Hobbit inside a Steel Cage AND that Demon Angel´s Career would be on the line and Blackbohnster´s Ownership would be on the line at the 6 Men Elimination Match at Blood Sweat and Tears! After that the camera cut off to the backstage area.........

...........where Scott Horan was attacked by Ed Chaz. Ed Chaz tried to take Scott´s Hardcore Title away from him and he won the title after the Extreme Style and the Swanton from the Ladder........... an NGW Commerical was next.........

2nd Match:

Zombie Jacob vs. El Jaguardo

Via Pinfall

R.I.P Tile commerical...........

International TV Title Tournament:

Dragon vs. The Deadly Nightshade

Via Pinfall

After the match was a Promo with all match, that take place at Blood, Sweat and Tears.........

Steel Cage:

Demon Angel vs. The Hobbit

Via Escape

Demon Angel celabrated in the Ring after the Cage was on the top again and the Show gone off air…………..

CAW-D Blood, Sweat and Tears

First Match:

International TV Title Semi Finals:

Dragon vs. Jack Jeckel

Via Pinfall

GWL commerical.........

2nd Match:

International TV Title Semi Finals:

FranticFreak vs. Kysko

Via Pinfall

CCW Starrcade commerical...........

3rd Match:

Powerman Challenge:

Chris Powers vs. Rage

Via a 3:2

WWE Wrestlemania XXI Proof Commerical........

4th Match:

Cought in Hell - Tag Team Championship:

D-X 2k4 vs. Casper & Dr. Dave (c)

Via Pinfall

Title Change: D-X 2k4 won the Tag Team Championship

AHW Commercial........

5th Match:

CAW-D Hardcore Championship:

Scott Horan vs. Ed Chaz (c)

Via Pinfall

6th Match:

International TV Championship - 3 Stages of Hell:

Jack Jeckel vs. FranticFreak

Winner of the First Match: Jack Jeckel

Winner of the second Match: FranticFreak

Winner of the last match and first International TV Champion: FranticFreak

R.I.P Tile Commerical..........

7th Match:

6-Men Elimination Tag Match - Career Ending Match:

Blackbohnster, Slasher & The Phoenix vs. Edward Carnby, Brock Lesnar & Demon Angel

Via Pinfall

Demon Angel was the last one, who got eliminated, so he had to end his Career in CAW-D.

WWE Wrestlemania XXI Proof Commerical........

8th Match:

30 Men Bloody Battle Royal:

Winner of the Battle Royal and NEW CAW-D Champion: The Hobbit

via Elimination of Dante

CAW-D Blood, Sweat and Tears ended with a celebration of The Hobbit, who just survived the 30 Men Battle Royal...........

Season 4

Show 1

Mysterine vs. "Dragonfly" Amy Steele via Pinfall

Hardcore Title Backstage Brawl (Scott Horan won the Hardcore title back from Ed Chaz at the mutli-CAW league event "CAW Covergence") Scott Horan vs. Mark Bauman via Pinfall

RIP Tile commercial.....

Summerbreak is annouced to be CAW-D's forth mega-event, but also announced was the return of Revoultion, they return next week in a tag match with The Twin Towers.

Superbeast vs. B-Rad via Pinfall

After the match Superbeast was attcked by a unknown superstar who almost destroyed Superbeast by putting him througth both annouce tables. After the attck a promo aired for a annoucement next week from the owner Blackbonster.

International Television Title Jack Jeckal vs. Frantic Freak via Pinfall

Kysko appeared after the match and joined forces with Frantic Freak and attacked Jack Jeckal, after putting him througth both announce tables, Scott "Dragonfly" Horan appeared and attcked both Frantic Freak and Kysko, applying multiple Dragonfly Twists to both of them.

GWL commercial.....

CAW-D Title The Hobbit vs. Rage via Pinfall

CAW-D Show 4:1 drew to a close.....

Show 2



Magik Madison vs. Alina Nicmeri via Pinfall

GWL Commercial.....

Crisco vs. Slasher via Pinfall

CWE Commercial.....

After the commercial, Demon Angels music hit, and the fans and a shocked Fredrick were surprised to see the owner Blackbohnster mocking Demon Angel by wearing his attrie, he had a huge annoucement about a Elimation Chamber match next week for a no. 1 contendership for the CAW-D Title, but also who ever gets pinned last in the match will be the no. 1 contender for the International Television Title. Before leaving Blackbohnster chanted at Demon Angel, only for the arena to black out before a strange video played on the titantron.

Revoultion vs. New Twin Towers via Pinfall

RIP Tile Commercial.....

Hardcore Title Backstage Brawl Scott Horan vs. Kysko via Pinfall

The Phoenix vs. Jimmy Nicmeri via Pinfall

After the match, Phoenix got attackd by both Nicmeri and Frantic Freak, with Frantic Freak also attacking the Referee, Nicmeri applyed his finsher to the Phoenix leaving him in the ring.

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Roster -Original brand

Men Division

Scott Horan (Twist of Fate 01 & Frog Splash Pin 02) (Dragonfly Twist & Airborne Dragon)

The Bouncer (Spear 05 & Suplex 12) (The Spear & The Barkeep)

A-Bomb (DDT20 - Overdrive) (Atomic DDT - D-X DDT)

Dante (Windowmaker & Chokeslam 09) (Brimstone Slam & Brimstone Chokeslam)

Superbeast (Jacknife - 5 Star Frog Splash) (Superbomb - Supersplash)

Crisco (RKO - RKO) (CriscoKO - CriscoKO)

The Phoenix (Cyclone 01 & Mark of Excelene) (Third degree burn & Inferno) Casper Whitebread (Predigree 03 & Buzzsaw Kick) (the Albino Buster & The White out)

Dr. Dave (El Paso 1 & Walls of Jericho 2) (The Demented Death Lock & Psycho Twist)

Jack Jeckel (Hide Neck Crack & Shining Wizard 10) (The Joker's Wild & The Unveiling)

Don Monkey (Cyclone 02 & Stunner 02) (Ape-5 & Mafia Stunner)

Don Fonikon (El Paso 2 & Cobra Clutch 02) (The hell Send & Mafia Clutch)

The Godfather (Twist of Fate 02 - Tombstone Piledriver 02) (Twist of Fate (Mafia Way) - Death is near)

Rage (Stunner 03 & Five Star Frog Splash) (The Death Sentance & The Rastifarian Splash)

Maestro Flame (Pedigree 1 & Diving Headbutt 2) (D-Day & Time Splitter)

The Hobbit (F-U 01 & Chokeslam 03) (The Four Swords & Project Powerbomb)

Jonny Tranmanye (Ultimo Dragon DDT & Flipping Slam) (Ride the Lightning & Thunderstruck)

Nightshade (Suplex Pin 02 - Frog Splash Pin 01) (Movenames unknown) Red Shadow (99 Crusher & Edgecution 01) (Shadows Fall & Seeing Red)

Mercurius (Backbreaker 03 & Powerbomb 05) (The Devourer Slam & Omega Bomb)

Red Death (Mexican stretch Buster - Shining wizrd 08) (Creeping Death & Exile)

Slasher (Chokeslam 04 - Chokeslam 04) (Biker Chokeslam & Biker Chokeslam)

Dragon (Towerhacker Bomb Pin - Super Tigerbomb) (Dragon Strech Buster & Super Dragonbomb)

Edward Carnby (for a few shows only) (Tigerbomb 04 - Toture Rack) (left in the Dark - Fear the Darkness)

FranticFreak (Super RKO - Pedigree 02) (666 Stunner - destroyed dreams)

Manhunt (F-U 2 - F-U2) (movenames unknown)

Jimmy The Nightmare NicmeriDiluted (Pedigree)

Kingdom Come (Five Star Frog Splash)

Nicmeri Drop (Unprettier)

Renegade X (Curtain Call - Atomic Legdrop 02) (The back stabber & The X breaker)

CJ Killer (Super RKO - Special Anglelock) (Killer Cut & unknown) Pain (Bubba Cutter & Tigerbomb 01) (Painkiller & Pain Stake)

Mark Bauman (Clothesline 28 - The Gore) (No Business & Hit n Run)

Hamish (Ultimate Bomber - Ultimate Bomber) (The High Road to Hell & The High Road to Hell)

Vass (educution 02 - Wristlock with bridge) (Movenames unknown)

B-Rad (The Gore - Super Star Pin) (Movenames unknown)

Ed Chaz (The Rock Bottom & swanton bomb 2) (Extreme Style & Swanton Bomb)

Black Crow (Tombstone Piledriver 02 - Tombstone Piledriver 02) (Movenames unknown)

Chris Powers (Booker T Special - Neckbreaker 8) (Reality Check - TKO The Real Knock Out)

C-Pac (Book End - Book End) (Prime Time Glock - Prime Time Glock)

"The Star" Mike Mendez (Camel Clutch 03 - Camel Clutch 03) (Movenames unknown)

The" Night (Last Ride - Chokeslam 03) (The nightmare - unknown) Mike Ryba (Emerald Fusion 01 - Tigerbomb 04) (Spinal tap & Enforcement)

The American Tiger (Jacknife - Angle Slam) (American Powerbomb - American Slam)


(Bearhug 01 - Powerbomb 15)

(Titan Crusher - Titan Bomb)

Zombie Jacob (STO 03 - Gordbuster 2) (The Trioxin Slam - The Zombie Drop)

Gaven (Twist Of Fate 2 & Tigerbomb 4) (The Revolutionizing Touch & Your Revolution)

Seth (Haas of Pain & The Rock Sharpshooter) (The Revolution Leg Lock & Sharpshooter)

Lordock (Train Wreck - The Last Ride) (Heel Wreck - The last Day on Earth)

Blaze (Razor´s Edge - Edgecator) (Blaze´s Edge - Code blue)

Sorrow(The Gore - The Gore) (Ring Rusher - Ring Rusher)


Mike Lombardi

(RKO - Super RKO)

(New Yersey Knock out - Super New Yersey knock out)


(F-U 02 - F-U 02)


(Big Boot 03 - Pumphandle Slam)

The Love Doctor" Randy Mountaine

(Haas of Pain - Haas of Pain)


(Black Out - Towerhacker Bomb Pin)


(The Rock Sharpshooter - Widow Maker)


(Power of the Punch - Power of the Punch)

(Kayl Punch - Kayl Punch)

T-Dawg" Tyrone Daniels

(Stunner 02 - Stunner 02)

(T-Dawg Stunner - T-Dawg Stunner)


Womens Division:

Amy "Dragonfly" Steele (Twist of Fate 01 & Diving Moonsault 03) (Dragonfly Twist & The Dragons Wish)

Mystrine (Jackhammer - El Paso 01) (Unholy Slam & Pin Combo - Gothic Lock)

Magik Madison (The Lift & Cutter - Shining Wizard 8) (The Joker's Wild - The Black Magik Smash)

Alina Nicmeri (Extreme Twist of Fate - Diving Moonsault 03) (Names unknown)

Monica (Stunner 05 - Chick Kick) (TKO - The Quick Kick)

Jade (The Walls of Jericho - Angle Lock) (unknown) Joy (Super RKO - Diving Moonsault 02) (666 Stunner - Sweet Dreams)

Elisha (Curtain Call - Bomb to Facecrusher) (Blonde stabber - The Hypnotiser)

Mercy Mercury (Stunner - Edgecution) (Mercury Stunner - Dark Execution)

Christine (Window Maker - Shooting Star Press) (unknown)

Chelsea Kemp (Windows Peek - Windows Peek) (The Crystals Edge - The Crystals Edge)

Ada Ferandes (-Running- Sweet Chin Music - -Standing- Sweet Chin Music) (-Running- Karate Kick - -Standing- Karate Kick)

Tina N. Anderson (T.N.A) (Unprettier - Low Blow)

Hibiki (Gory Bomb - Vertabreaker) (Hibiki Buster - unknown)

Silvia (DDT 06 - DDT 06) (Death Drop - Death Drop)====

caw-d Title History

CAW-D Title:

Demon Angel (Show 1 of Season 1 - Show 3 of Season 1)

The Phoenix (Show 3 of Season 1 - Christmas Chaos)

Rage (Christmas Chaos - Show 3 of Season 3)

Dante (Show 3 of Season 3 - Show 5 of Season 3)

Mercurius (Show 5 of Season 3 - Show 6 of Season 3)

Dante (Show 6 of Season 3 - Blood, Sweat and Tears)

The Hobbit (Blood, Sweat and Tears - Summerbreak)

The Phoenix (Summerbreak - Show 2 of Season 6)

Crisco (Show 2 of Season 6 - )

CAW-D Tag Team Title:

Team Mafia (Show 1 of Season 1 - Uncensored Mayhem)

Casper & Dr. Dave (Uncensored Mayhem - Blood, Sweat and Tears)

D-X 2k4 (Blood, Sweat and Tears - Total Meltdown)

Ksyko & Archangel (Total Meltdown - )

CAW-D Hardcore Title:
Caw-d hardcore title

Dragon (Show 5 of Season 1 - Show 6 of Season 1)

Edison (Show 6 of Season 1 - Show 7 of Season 1)

Deminox (Show 7 of Season 1 - Show 7 of Season 1)

Red Shadow (Show 7 of Season 1 - Uncensored Mayhem)

C-Wolf (Uncensored Mayhem - Show 2 of Season 2)

Maestro Flame (Show 2 of Season 2 - Show 2 of Season 2)

Red Shadow (Show 2 of Season 2 - Show 4 of Season 2)

Mike Lombardi (Show 4 of Season 2 - Show 6 of Season 2)

Red Shadow (Show 6 of Season 2 - Show 3 of Season 3)

Scott Horan (Show 3 of Season 3 - Show 7 of Season 3)

Ed Chaz (Show 7 of Season 3 – CAW Converence)

Scott Horan (CAW Converence - Show 5 of Season 4)

Blaze (Show 5 of Season 4 - Summerbreak)

Zombie Jacob (Summerbreak - Summerbreak)

Mercurius (Summerbreak - Show 5 of Season 5)

Red Shadow (Show 5 of Season 5 - Show 6 of Season 5)

Blaze (Show 6 of Season 5 - Total Meltdown)

Red Shadow (Total Meltdown - )

CAW-D International TV Title:
CAW-D International TV Title-

FranticFreak (Blood, Sweat and Tears - Show 3 of Season 4)

Jack Jeckel (Show 3 of Season 4 - Show 5 of Season 4)

FranticFreak (Show 5 of Season 4 - Summerbreak)

Scott Horan (Summerbreak - )

CAW-D Womens Title:

Christine (Summerbreak - )

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