cawsheet is a CAW review site founded by Inspector Shetty. Reviews are written in text format, and so far, have mainly been negative in context, with only one exception at the time of this article's creation.

The reviewing staff currently consists of Inspector Shetty, Spriter, DaveMartini, Mr.MITB/Caylen Rogers,  DreConSmith, Biff Andreas, and Oshujax.

Former members include Burb, Soundwave, and Otto, all of whom were removed from the site following a dispute that stemmed off a misunderstanding from a controversial string of reviews.

cawsheet can be found here:

List of Reviews

League Show Reviewer Review Score
WCW Nitro Episode 7 Inspector Shetty N/A
NESE NESE West Episode 28 Inspector Shetty N/A
Jeri-MAX Ooze 2011 Spriter 3 and 1/2 out of 5
Pablo Gonzales Wrestling Episode 41 Inspector Shetty 0 and 1/2 out of 5
DCWL DEC Mania 2 Pre-Show Dave Martini -3
CCF Warefare Episode 1 Burb N/A
RRW Smacked Up Episode 1 Caylen Rogers N/A
CCL Adrenaline Episode 25 Burb -Hitler out of 10
BWF Saturday Night Revolution Episode 11 Inspector Shetty -5 out of 10
DWF The booking of TGO's Heel Turn DreConSmith N/A
WCW Nitro Episode 10 Biff Andreas 4 out of 5
HWE Match 1 Biff Andreas Nothing out of 5
UWN UWN Bloody Sunday 2011 Inspector Shetty -4 stars out of 5
WEDF Fed as a whole Soundwave "This show is shitty"
CAWllision KAALEZION 6: Mabel's Revenge Otto 1/5
Otto’s Championship Ring of Pro Rasslin’ Fed as a whole Burb 0/10
WEDF Survivor Series 2 Oshujax N/A

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