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I Will Have The Actual Logo Soon.

Champioship Wrestling Federation== This new CAW wrestling promotion will premire June 20th,2012.

I hope your looking foward to it!!!

Superstars and Divas Include

  1. Nick Graham (Clover)
  2. JJ Styles
  3. Undertaker Jr.
  4. Manny Elastic
  5. Santa Flave
  6. Javion Smiths
  7. Tony Crushworthy
  8. Lammar Willaims
  9. Scar
  10. Jabocs Snock
  11. The Rocker
  12. Ryback
  13. Jade
  14. Eve
  15. Alex Cougary

Lias Smiths and many more!!!

Titles Include

  1. CWF Heaveyweigth Championship
  2. CWF Champioship
  3. CWF Unified Tag Team Champioships
  4. CWF Super-Heaveyweight Championship
  5. CWF Hardcore Champioship

CWF Womens Championship

CPW Include

  1. WrestleMania
  2. Aftermath
  3. Night Of Terror
  4. Death Launch
  5. Money In The Bank
  6. Summerslam
  7. No Defeat
  8. No Way Out
  9. Tables,Ladders, and Chairs
  10. Royale Rumble

11. Elimanation Chamber

12. Hell In A Cell

Weekly Shows Include

CPF Raw ( Monday)

CPF NITRO (Tuesday)

CPF Superstars (Thursday)

CPF Smackdown (Friday)

CPF Starcade (Saturaday)

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