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Charles Morales
Charles Morales
Names Charles "Taint Licker" Morales
Height 6'5
Weight 240 lbs
Born May 25th, 1982
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Somewhere Mexican
Billed from
Trained by Dory Funk Jr. Gym
Debut A while back
Retired {{{retired}}}

Charles "Taint Licker" Morales is a superstar signed to the DCO roster.


Before officially signing with DCO, Morales would make house show appearances for the now defunct Jeff Jarrett Pro Wrestling, at one point defeating Barberino for the JJPW INTANASHANEL Championship. He would lose the championship to Pvt. Part in a webmatch.

In 2017, he would be signed to DCO as an official member of the roster. Morales made his official debut on June 30th, 2017 taking on the late Big Bill Studebaker's debuting wife Sharon Savage-Snell in a winning effort. Soon after, Morales would form a partnership with Conner Shagwell, winning the DCO Tag Team Championships against TJ Prophet and Wrestling Journalist Drew Alexander.


  • The Salad Tosser


Contrary to his nickname, Morales is inexperienced at performing analingus and prefers clitoral stimulation.

Championships & Accomplishments

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