Chris Corre
Names Chris Corre
Mirishikiari Mimoshishiku
Chris Reno
The New 1-2-3 Kid
Height 6 ft 5 in.
Weight 220 lbs
Born Chicago, IL
Birthplace Chicago, IL
Resides Chicago, IL
Billed from Chicago, IL
Trained by Jerry Lynn
Micheal McGillicutty
Bryan Danielson
Brent Harvanator (abandoned)
Debut March 2012

Christopher Corremont (Born July 13, 1985) is a CAW professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Chris Corre. He currently wrestles for multiple companies including WCW, New Outback Championship Wrestling, and EDF. A former MMA Cruiserweight fighter, but realizing how bad he was at that, and how Okay he was at Wrestling. Gave up on MMA and joined CAW, but would join under the name of Toothpick because he was VERY skinny and didn't eat much. Then after losing alot he left CAW, started eating alot and working out, then boom, he was Chris Corre.

Current Vivianverse Leagues

World CAW Wrestling

Chris Corre has been known for losing his matches, but he doesn't go down without a fight. On Rebirth of WCWs Thunder, Chris Corre teamed with his tag team partner David "the great" Erro. On the next episode he would face Ethan Conway and miss a swanton bomb and lose to Ethan Conway. On the next episode of WCW Thunder, he'd face Dem Coger Boyz. With David Erro, the match was for a shot at the NESE Tag Team Championships at WCW Thunder Snapped. They lost, but later in the night Chris Nowinski would offer Bryan Coger (who got the pinfall) a match with Chris Corre. The stipulation was if Chris Corre was to lose Bryan Coger would face David Erro for the TV Championship at WCW Thunder Snapped! On the next episode Chris Corre would lose and then Bryan Coger will now Challenge David Erro for the WCW TV Championship. With Bryan Coger being the new TV Champion, Chris Corre has set his sights on the TV Championship. Winning the #1 contnedership for the TV Title , but sadly WCW Thunder sadly died so therefore Chris Corre's dreams were cut short.

Current Non-Vivianverse Leagues

World Triumphant Wrestling ( 2012-Present)

Chris Corre made his WTW debut in the first webmatch in September before the show even started, when he went over his friend Josh McCloud. At first, he was disliked from the fans and the locker room. But, he eventually earned respect from the fans and fellow wrestlers. On the second episode of Beatdown, he faced Chris Jericho in a qualification match for the WTW Championship Scramble match at the upcoming cpv, Canadian Invasion. Sadly, Corre was not able to go over in the match.

In Wrestling

Finishers and Signature Moves

  • Canadian Backbreaker
  • Reverse Shoulder breaker
  • Kryptonite Krunch
  • Harlem Side Kick

Entrance Themes

Championships and Accomplishments

Elite Dynasty Federation


Chris Corre grew up in Chicago, IL meeting up with Tyler King when he was looking for work after dropping out of High school. Then they worked as a tag team named "Lowercard Mafia" in the bush-leagues administration, they got the name as a parody of TNA Stable "The Main Event Mafia". Then they worked to get to NO-CW as Lower Card Mafia. Then NO-CWs General Manager became a fan of both Competitors and signed them on the spot when they asked. Then made Nathan Herring work for NO-CW after seeing him as there manager (who works backstage with the company).

Then Chris Corre found out he wasn't cutting it with weekly appearances on WCW Thunder and seeked help with training after being trained by "Jerry Lynn, Bryan Danielson, and Michael McGillicutty, He found out Brent Harvanator was opening a wrestling school, later known as Shoot Project .He signed up, however after afew months of showing no progress whatsoever, Brent unlisted Corre from the Academy.