Names Chris DelVito
Height 6'6"
Weight 282 lbs.
Born December 8, 1979
Birthplace Chesapeake, Virginia
Resides Battle Creek, Michigan
Billed from Chesapeake, Virginia
Trained by Jayfatha
Chris Kanyon
Debut 2009, April

Chris DelVito is a professional wrestler in Rockin' Championship Wrestling Alliance


His first match in RCWA was part of the RCWA World championship tournament versus Greaver. DelVito was pinned after a shot from a ring bell. His second match was a battle royale for #1 contendership for the RCWA Zero-G Championship, in which he was elemenated second by Xaviar Python. His latest match was against george lazerfire on ShoDown. He lost that, too. His streak is now 0-3-0.

In Wrestling

Finishing & Signature Moves Superelbow (Feint leg drop into high impact elbow drop to the chest with theiretics)
SuperDuperelbow (Diving Elbow Drop)
DelVito Stretch (Abdominal Stretch)
Champion Buster (Bearhug into Spinebuster)
Regestered Weapon (Super Tabletop Suplex)
Tilt-a-whirl DDT
Lifting Camel Clutch
Spin-out Powerbomb
Headbutt to Sternum
Samoan Drop

Theme song(s)

"Dead or Alive"- Bon Jovi

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