Chris Grangefield
Grangefield 2014
Names Chris Grangefield
Height 6'1
Weight 237 lbs
Born 30th September 1987 (Age 26)
Birthplace Newark, New Jersey
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Newark, New Jersey
Billed from Newark, New Jersey
Trained by Derek Wilson
Debut April 2009
Retired {{{retired}}}

Chris Grangefield is a professional CAW wrestler and is currently working for MCW Where he is the current MCW International Champion.

Grangefield holds the record for the longest reign as, not only the MCW International Champion but as a champion overall in MCW, with an International Championship reign of over 400 days.

Rise To Royalty (2009)

Rise To Royalty III

Chris Grangefield made his debut in the Rise To Royalty tournement. Where the winner earned an MCW contract. Grangefield was pitted against Shunsuke Takahara in he final and won in convincing fashion.

MCW (2009-present)

Debut & International Champion (2009)

Chris Grangefield

Grangefield with Tyson (right) in 2009

Chris Grangefield made his PPV debut at the MCW, WWE get together where he, John Maverick and Marcus Agate (The 3 winners of Rise To Royalty) against 3 WWE superstars. MCW's team would win with all 3 of there superstars still left. Grangefield fought D.D. Davis after a long feud at Summer Showdown where Grangefield would pick up his first MCW Championship. He would defend the title until October 2009 when he lost the title to D.D. Davis in an No DisQualification invitational challenge.

Face Turn and 2nd International Championship Reign (2010-present)

Chris Grangefield2

Grangefield in 2011.

Grangefield competed at Night of Legends for a Money in the Bank title shot, but failed to win. He then went on to start a rivalry with Redline when he got disqualified in a match against Redline at Date With Fate. Grangefield 3 weeks later on MCW Weekly came out to help Jase Lennon against his former bodyguard Christian Tyson. Thus turning Grangefield face. Grangefield fought Tyson at Last Man Standing. Which he lost. Grangefield won his 2nd International Championship in a 4 man battle royal at Bonfire Brawl, Grangefield defended the International Championship against Jase Lennon at New Year Skirmish on December 31st 2010. Grangefield entered the 2011 Rumble Match at #10 and eliminated Bryan Scar before being eliminated by Ray Kilik. At MCW 8, Grangefield defeated 2 former MCW Champions in K8 & C2Z to defend his International Championship in a triple threat match. Grangefield then defeated The Canadian Invasion leader Bret James in an International Championship match at MCW Thrive to Survive 2011. Grangefield fought in the Money in the Bank ladder match at MCW Night of Legends 2011 but lost to the eventual winner, Adrian J. Grangefield along with Adrian J inturupted Jim Michaels and Bret James at MCW Immortal. Grangefield challenged Michaels to a no Disqualification match for the MCW International Championship. Grangefield won the match but was assaulted by Bret James after the match. Grangefield continued his feud with The Canadian Invasion by teaming up with K8 and Ray Kilik to defeat The Canadian Invasion in an Elimination 6 Man Tag Match at MCW Revival.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher Moves
  • Eagleawe   

  • Nicknames
    • The Newark, New Jersey Native

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Rise To Royalty III - Winner
  • 2-time MCW International Champion

Rise to Royalty record

Event Duration Ranking Notes
Rise to Royalty III May 1st 2009 - June 17th 2009 1st Won by defeating Shunsuke Takahara

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