Chris "The Shocker" Johansen, Arthur "Bone Crusher" Johnson
Names {{{names}}}
Height 7'11 (Johansen), ??? (Johnson)
Weight 410 lbs (Johansen), ??? (Johnson)
Born 1982 (Johansen), ???? (Johnson)
Birthplace Providence, Rhode Island (Johansen), Parts Unknown (Johnson)
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Providence, Rhode Island (Johansen), Parts Unknown (Johnson)
Billed from Providence, Rhode Island (Johansen), Parts Unknown (Johnson)
Trained by Giant Gonzales (Johansen), Unknown (Johnson)
Debut October 2009 (Johansen), August 16th, 2009 (Johnson)
Retired {{{retired}}}

Chris "The Shocker" Johansen and Arthur "Bone Crusher" Johnson are a joke CAW tag team featured in New Age Wrestling.

Arthur Johnson debuted at NAW Emperor Rule in the first CAW battle royal. He ended up unsuccessful and the match was eventually won by Biff Andreas. At the next CAW search, Johnson entered once again, this time alongside his partner Chris Johansen. Although Arthur lost his qualifying match, Johansen went on to win his, however, Johansen ended up losing in the finals to Shawn Dynasty. However, much like Ryan Rex and Toxicosis from the first CAW search, both Johnson and Johansen were hired despite losing.

Johansen and Johnson made their official debuts as part of the NAW roster at New-WWE/NAW Royal Rumble as opponents in a triple threat match for the NAW Hardcore Championship, also featuring Raven. In the end, Johansen was victorious, earning the first championship in his career.


Chris Johansen-

Arthur Johnson-

  • Powerbomb

Championships and Achievements

Entrance Themes

  • Adrenaline Rush Loop (Johnson Singles Theme and Johansen/Johnson Tag Theme)
  • Quiero Vivir by Lillian Garcia (Johansen Singles Theme)

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