Chris Jorgsten
Names Chris Jorgsten
Height 198 cm
Weight 116 kgs
Born {{{birth_date}}}
Birthplace Manhattan, New York
Died April 18th, 2012
Brooklyn, New York
Resides Brooklyn, New York
Billed from Manhattan, New York
Trained by TNE
Debut TNE Episode 1
Retired {{{retired}}}
Chris Jorgsten is a TNE Superstar, he is a former tag team Champion with the Coolest Kids in School. 

Total Non-Stop Entertainment

Jorgsten competed in 2 dark matches as a part of CKS. Their first match was a winning effort against Tyson and Gaz Tower but couldn't beat Devon Aarons in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

Coolest Kids in School, Tag Team Championship, Main Event Push

In episode 1 Jorgsten and Ryan Baxter defeated the Luchadore Twins to become tag team Champions. After Ryan Baxter's loss in episoe 2 at Doomsday CKS defeated the Luchadore Twins in a 2 out 3 falls tornado tag match. With Jorgsten winning the match with 2 falls. In episode 4 Jorgsten took on Tyson but lost by DQ when Ryan Baxter jumped in and lead to the main event to that night, Jorgsten won the tornmoil match by last defeating the debuting xXx. However Jorgsten cheated, xXx was granted a rematch and if xXx won, he would be included in the TLC match at TNE Violence and the end of the main event of episode 5 Jorgsten attacked the TNE Intercontinal Champion Lewis Parks and the TNE World Heavyweight Champion Monzer Mazaydeh with a chair. At Violence Jorgsten lost the TLC match. The next night The Kids lost their tag team championships to Tyson & RSJ.

Face Turn

In episode 7 Jorgsten turned face mid match against Devon Aarons and xXx attacking Ryan Baxter and ending the group Coolest Kids in School. In the next RAW Jorgsten pinned Baxter in a tag team match. In the episode 9 Gauntlet Jorgsten defeated CJ but lost to Cody Meyers afterwards. At TNE Summerslam Jorgsten lost to Baxter. In episode 10 he got drafted to Smackdown. In episode 12 Jorgsten defeated Cody Meyers to earn a spot in the elimination Chamber at TNE Lockdown where he was the last man eliminated. In episode 13 RAW Jorgsten teamed up with Ross Samuel Jones and lost a TNE King of the Ring qualflier by DQ to Team One. On episode 16 Jorgsten beat Monzer Mazaydeh by DQ.

Season 2

At TNE Wrestlemania a 4 way ladder match will take place for the Vacant TNE Intercontinental Championship between xXx, Tyson, Chris Jorgsten & Lewis Parks.

Superstar Devlopment Alliance

On the 27th October 2011 CKS reunited in SDA defeating The Michigan Blondes Superstar Craig David & The Ravshing One Ryan Nitro.


On April 18th, 2012 Chris was raped by Mae Young using her  trusty 5 foot dildo. Chris was only expecting a 2 foot dildo and cryed which to Mae Young  seemed like he liked it and plunged more into him effectively killing him. Reginald VelJohnson arrived on the scene and ruled it accidental. 

In Wrestling


Jorgsten performing an STO on Gaz Tower

Finishing Moves
  • STO

Signature Moves:

  • Elbow Drop
  • One Handed Spinebuster

Tag Teams & Stables:

Championships and accomplishments

Total Non-Stop Entertainment

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