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Chris Prewett
Names Chris Prewett
Height 5'6
Weight 158lbs
Born May 13th, 1993 (Age 19)
Birthplace Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Died His hair blonde... What a goon.
Resides Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Billed from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Trained by Self Trained
Debut 2008
Retired 2010

'The Prime Evil' Chris Prewett is a CAW League play by play commentator and retired backyard wrestler. Prewett commentated for the CAW League MCW for 11 years.

MCW (2001-2012)

Commentator (2001-2012)

Prewett plays the role of the play by play commentator for MCW. Using a face persona, on alot of MCW CPV's he routes for the face however does have respect for a few heels like Leo Aires and D.D Davis. Recently, Prewett's commentary has been under positive note as possibly the best part of MCW.


Burb & WEDF

in December 2010, Prewett was involved in a real life feud with WEDF and Burb on the forum site, Something CAWful about posting updates on a camera fed on the site. Prewett and Burb have since burried the hatchet but the status between Prewett and WEDF is still unknown.

Jimmy II VS A Knobhead

On the 3rd January 2012, Prewett made a brief return to CAW as a commentator for a
Jimmy II VS A Knobhead

The poster for the Jimmy II VS A Knobhead match

hilarious spoof match with a battle between the 8 foot tall, 800lbs personification of pure evil also known as Jimmy II going against a depiction of some knobhead who is annoying Prewett's at the time real life girlfriend. The match lasted just over 4 minutes and had a decisive winner. Jimmy II kills a Knobhead.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher Moves

Satanic Symbol

Tombstone Piledriver

  • Signature Moves


Flying Clothesline

Sit-Down Powerbomb

  • Nicknames

The Chibi Little Man

The Prime Evil


The Voice of FMRW

The Voice of MCW

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 3-Time DPW World Heavyweight Champion (Last)

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