Christian Tyson
Christian Tyson
Names Christian Tyson
Height 6'7
Weight 293 lbs
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Billed from Dover, Delaware
Trained by Chris Grangefield
Debut 20th September 2009
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 Christian Tyson is a professional CAW wrestler. He is currently working for MCW.

MCW (2009-present)

MCW Debut (2009)

Christian Tyson made his in-ring debut. As a tough rugged powerhouse. He mainly attacked Chris Grangefield's opponents after matches. This includes attacking Jase Lennon before Lennon's International Championship match with Chris Grangefield. Tyson made his In-ring Debut at MCW Bombfire Brawl 2009 where he fought Jase Lennon. He won wih his finisher, The Jacksaw Powerbomb.

Feud with Chris Grangefield & Tag Team Champion (2010-2011)

Tyson was in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Night of Legends but was unable to win. Tyson then started to attack Jase Lennon again before Lennon was saved by Chris Grangefield. Tyson fought Grangefield at Last Man Standing. Where he was victorious. He was in the final 2 in a 4 man battle royal for the MCW International Championship against Jase Lennon Reali T and Chris Grangefield. But failed to win. Tyson and John Maverick were revealed as the mystery tag team at The Rumble 2011 to take on Bret James and Jim Michaels. They went on to win the titles when James turned on Michaels leaving a handicap match. Tyson also entered the 2011 Rumble Match at #16 and lasted only 9 seconds before being eliminated, the shortest time in the Rumble history.

Continued feud with Jase Lennon & Powerforce (2011-present)

At MCW 8, Tyson and Maverick lost the Tag-Team Championships to Jase Lennon & Redline in a Steel Cage match. Tyson continued his feud with Jase Lennon which ended at MCW Era 2011 when Tyson won a last man standing match against Lennon. Tyson and Maverick under the tag team name Powerforce fought Infernus & Derek at MCW Thrive to Survive 2011 where the winners got 1 match against the MCW Tag Team Champions anytime they like. Powerforce were in the end defeated. Tyson & Maverick fought at MCW Night of Legends 2011 in the first MCW Tag Team Turmoil. Tyson & Maverick were up first against rivals, Jase Lennon & Redline. They were defeated and the first team to be eliminated from the match.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher Moves

Jacksaw Powerbomb 

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 1 time MCW Tag-Team Champion (with John Maverick)

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