Curt Anderson (born October 31, 1981), better known by his ring name Cobra,  is an American professional CAW wrestler. He competed in Undisputed Championship Wrestling, where he was a 1-time Hardcore Champion.

Undisputed Championship Wrestling (2013-present)

Curt, under the gimmick Cobra, made his first uCw appearance in late-October. He appeared as a souless ghoul, who was accompanied by his pet snake, Romeo. He claimed he would rid uCw of it's newest disease, the newly-formed heel stable Legion, making him a face. He defeated one of the members, Darth Scorpio, at his debut PPV and match, at Night of Mayhem. He continued to feud with them, even winning the Hardcore Championship from its second member, Phenom. He revealed himself as SteelSpur and quit uCw in early-November.

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