Conehead is a former NoDQ CAW Superstar and current HSW Wrestler who is famous for his status as possibly the greatest jobber of all time in CAW.

NoDQ CAW Season 1

Conehead debuted in NoDQ's first season getting himself disqualified against CAW legend Jason Voorhees. Jason would then go on to get his revenge defeating Conehead in a Steel Cage match.

NoDQ CAW Season 5 - Eastern

Conehead did not return to NoDQ CAW until Season 5 as part of Bobby Spade's NoDQ Eastern brand. He was used as a humiliation tactic by Bobby Spade even picking up a win against NoDQ Eastern Champion Freddy Krueger. Conehead would briefly show up in other matches including a ten man battle royal up until Season 8.

NoDQ CAW Season 8

Conehead would defeat The Joker who was pretending to be Spiderman at the start of the season. Conehead would then try to find a gimmick to help him in his quest for a win, training with Al Snow, becoming a lucha libre as Cono Cabeza, even turning into the CAW version of Scott Steiner as Big Throbin' Cone. After defeats with all these gimmicks, Conehead would then watch as the Clean Cut Clan assaulted Santa Claus at Christmas, this would cause him to attempt to throw himself into Oblivion before being saved by Santa Claus. At Holiday Havoc, Santa and Conehead defeated The Clean Cut Clan before Conehead left NoDQ CAW forever with an elusive fair victory.


Conehead was never seen again for one year and four months. At HSW Show 25, HSW wrestler The Star had a match against a mystery opponent for a #1 contenders spot for the HSW Skull Championship. The mystery opponent turned out to be Conehead. Unfortunately, Conehead lost the match. Conehead was then officialy added to the HSW roster.

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