Names Cowlex
The Moogasmic One
Height 5'10
Weight 225 lbs
Born January 13th, 1991 (age 20)
Birthplace Dublin Ireland
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Maryland USA
Billed from Dublin Ireland
Trained by The Randys
Debut 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}
Cowlex has been in the CAW industry since 2007. Cowlex has been working in the indys for 3 years and now finally gets his shot in the big leagues with FDW and IWT giving him a contract.

Active Leagues

Final Destination Wrestling

Cowlex Made his debut in FDW in a triple threat match between dre and Krimzon for the International title. Cowlex lost the match but looked strong doing it.

It's Walleh Time

Cowlex started off strong in a dark match (unaired) with The Hurricane pinning him after a Cowplex and a strong knee to the head. Cowlex would win the IWT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship surprising everybody by attacking Habinero after his Hardcore Time Limit Match. He would later lose the title to Danny Jackpot and regain it for the second time before finally losing it to Javori. On IWT Episode 1 Power, Cowlex would be the first eliminated in a Elimination 5 Man Battle Royal for the Japanese Championship by Kung Fu Naki.

Cowlex finally won his first major singles title with successfully capturing the IWT Japanese Championship from Steven Spriter


Cowlex was part of the original DCO, he joined WEDF DCO after WEDF bought DCO from NAW. Cowlex had a good run but was fired for having problems with the WEDF owner.


Cowlex will make his debut in OFW very soon. His brother Aaron Snow will also be joining him being a rookie for OFW NEX GEN



In Wrestling

Current Finishers and Signature Moves

Championships and Accomplishments


  • Cowlex has a pinfall victory over The Suspect via Arm Wringer Flip
e v It's Walleh Time
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