Crystal 1
Names C1, Crystal 1, The White Reaper
Height 6'2
Weight 234 lbs
Born Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides {{{resides}}}
Billed from The Edge of Reality
Trained by Joe Omega, John Depp
Debut 2014
Retired {{{retired}}}

'The White Reaper' Crystal 1 is a CAW Superstar trained by Joe Omega and John Depp. No one knows much about this guy other than he has a hard worker in and out of the ring, the only people who know his real name are Joe Omega, John Depp and Himself. He is currently signed to OPW: Omega Pro Wrestling where he is the current spirit fatal fortune briefcase holder.


He debuted in OPW on OPW's Episode 90 special answering an open challenge made by the OPW Worldwide champion at that time, who was Danny Jackpot . To everyones suprise he won his debut match leading many people to believe big things would happen to this guy in the future. Later in the season he would take part in the OPW Fatal Fortune match for the spirit brand and come up short, only to later be handed the briefcase due to the winner Chris Sabin being released by OPW Staff member John Depp for failing a drugs test. He is still briefcase holder to this day.

Championships and Acomplishments

OPW: Omega Pro Wrestling

  • 1x Spirit Fatal Fortune briefcase holder.

In Wrestling


  • Scythe( Death Valley Impact) 2014-????
  • Inverted Frankensteiner 2014-????


  • Repeated cheast stomps
  • Double Axe Handle
  • Triple Drop Kick

Theme Songs

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