Developing CAW Organization
Acronym DCO
Establishment November 29th 2009 - February 3rd 2010, Novembver 28th 2010 - Present
Owner(s) Danny Jackpot
Staff Danny Jackpot
Formerly N/A

Developing Caw Organization popped into the CAW scene in late 2009. Its a developmental league of New Age Wrestling which Danny Jackpot also owns. It was created with all Original Caws that Danny Jackpot did not create himself. DCO would be given to WEDF, Which you can read about later on in the article. Once DCO ended on the WEDF side, it was given to Burb. Danny Jackpot also decided to make tribute matches for it under the DCO name where he still gives young talent the chance to become great. You can find none of the original DCO's history due to its Youtube Channel being removed, All Danny Jackpot related projects were then moved to


DCO World Title Tournament

DCO started when Danny Jackpot realized that their was a lot of CAWs out there that dont make the break. So he started up a league where they can get that first big push through the door to super stardom. On December 5th 2009, DCO officially released its first match and the first match of the DCO World Title Tournament when Corey Bayne faced Nick Cambell at the DCO arena. At the end of the tournament The Suspect defeated Ed Kewl to be the final DCO World Heavyweight Champion. After months of no matches it was revealed that the brand had folded.


On March 7th 2010, It was announced that DCO would return now produced by Wrestling Entertainment Dynasty Federation. It would continue to develop new CAWs to be used in other shows but now was linked to multiple CAW Leagues such as DCWL,Jeri-MAX,NAW and ofcourse WEDF. The Suspect would return to DCO as the World Champion in this relaunch. This would end.

NAW Relaunch

NAW would relaunch another DCO project under the DCO name. The matches consist of guys just like from the original DCO who never made it big into CAW or just need to be recognized. They sometimes get to appear on NAW DCO Specials and try to get themselves signed.

NAW DCO Special's Appearances

-Note that all these appearances are in order of their appearances on NAW DCO Specials.

  • Malcolm McDermott
  • Masterbubu
  • Trace Negative
  • Kyle Fear

Final DCO Roster from NAW

  • Cowlex (Would later be signed to NAW North)
  • Swagg3r
  • Ed Kewl
  • Corey Bayne
  • Jason Mathews
  • Jerry Atric (Would later be signed to NAW South)
  • Burry Blurr
  • Suspect (Would later be signed to NAW South)
  • Mario Sinatra IV
  • Jon Whitewall
  • Criss Moonbeam
  • Jose Montoya
  • Rick the Fisherman
  • "The Ladies Man" Biff Andreas (Would later be brought back to NAW South)
  • Toxicosis

Former DCO Talent

  • Damien Daniels (Released 12/20/09)
  • El Jefe (Released 12/20/09 after being singed to New-WWE)
  • Prince of Pain (Released 12/20/09)
  • Nick Cambell (Released 12/20/09)
  • Spriter (Released 2/3/10 after being signed to NAW)

Final DCO Champions from NAW

DCO World Heavyweight Championship: The Suspect

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