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Developing CAW Organization (Vivianverse)
Acronym DCO
Establishment October 30th, 2010
Owner(s) Burb
Staff Burb
Formerly N/A
Website idfc

DCO is a Virtual In-Ring Combat Organization used to develop upcoming CAW Superstars to showcase their talents in the hope of being signed to bigger leagues. Originally started as the developmental ground for New Age Wrestling, it eventually closed and was later relaunched by Wrestling Entertainment Dynasty Federation. It was later closed again and was given to Burb.


Superstar Name Finisher Alignment
Dco-adamedge Adam Edge RKO Face
Dco-brycekanyon Bryce Kanyon Walls of Text Heel
Dco-lonestarr Lonestarr Why So Serious?, Greetings from Persia Heel
Dco-derek Derek the V Extreme Punches Heel
Dco-distanceriley Distance Riley Inverted DDT, Knee Drop Heel
Dco-haduken Haduken The Suck Fuck (Cutter) Heel
Dco-duncan Frank Garrett Combination Punches Face
Dco-chrishardy Chris Hardy Swanton Bomb Heel
Dco-cravenmoorehead Craven Moorehead Chickenwing Jawbreaker, Burning Hammer, Roundhouse Kick Face
Dco-slabpuente Slab Puente Moonsault, STO Face
Dco-rodreed REED The Houston Sweep Heel
Dco-roosterlovesauce Rooster Lovesauce The Penis Pump (Fisherman's DDT) Face
Dco-bastiongoodhand Bastion Goodhand Brainbuster Face
Dco-brickcannon Brick Cannon Double Axe Handle Heel
DCO-sullythebigmananderson Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson The Knife Edge Chop Face
DCO-tjprophet TJ Prophet Diving Elbow Heel
Dco-lipsdolittle Lips Dolittle just an absolutely massive ddt Face
Dco-mellencamp Hungry Hungry Mellencamp The Knuckle Sandwich Heel
Dco-cuntmaxwell Cunt Maxwell German Suplex Face
Dco-hossvanderhuge Hoss Vanderhuge a big time powerbomb Heel
Dco-mgm Meatgrinder Mike Face
Dco-richardholliday Richard Holliday Face
Dco-carl Carl Kick to the Midsection Face
Dco-strokeworthy Strokeworthy kick Face
Dco-ronrage Ron Rage Heel
Dco-devondaydream DEVON DAYDREAM Heel
Dco-sob The Son of a Bitch Big Forearm to the Head Heel
DCO-cashmoney cash money The Dime Dropper (Standing elbow drop to the chest) Heel
DCO-bonecrusher Bonecrusher Stevenson Throat Thrust Heel
Conner Shagwell Conner Shagwell Arm Wrench w/ Elbow Face
Dco-asshemmingway Ass Hemmingway punch Face
DCO-jobber Brennan Murphy Being pinned, Tapping out, getting counted out, being disqualified Jobber


e v DCO Roster
Roster: Adam Edge · Bryce Kanyon · Lonestarr · Derek The V Extreme · Distance Riley · Haduken · Frank Garrett · Chris Hardy · Craven Moorehead · REED · Slab Puente · Rooster Lovesauce · Bastion Goodhand · Brick Cannon · Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson · TJ Prophet · Lips Dolittle · Hungry Hungry Mellencamp · Cunt Maxwell · Hoss Vanderhuge · Meatgrinder Mike · Richard Holliday · Carl · Strokeworthy · Ron Rage · DEVON DAYDREAM · The Son of a Bitch · cash money · Bonecrusher Stevenson · Brennan Murphy
e v DCO Championships
DCO Championships: DCO World Championship · DCO Oklahoman Championship · DCO Tag Team Championship · TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship · DCO Television Championship (Defunct)
e v DCO Events
Shows: Total Recall · Not An Easy Kill · In The Lonely Streets of Sapulpa · Kiss From a Rose · Dillon, You Son of a Bitch! · The Fourth Reich · Jingle All The Way · And The Horse You Rode In On · Night of a Thousand PUNCHES · ERASER · Make it a Fight · Total Recall 2 · The Sloppy End of My Fuckstick · Cheeseburger in Paradise · Undefeatable · Brawl at the Mall · Celine Dion's Greatest Hits · An 8-Inch Cock · ERASER II
e v Vivianverse CAW League
Main: iPW · Jeri-MAX · New-NAW · New-WWE · TCW* · WEDF · NESE
Developmental: DCO
Defunct/Former: OLW · RAWR · WWCW · HRW · WFC · TNE · WCDW · WCW · URW · NAW · IWT · New-TNA · DCWL · NSCW · SDA · DJW · JJPW · CAWllision · FNW

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