Developing CAW Organization (WEDF)
Acronym DCO (WEDF)
Establishment May 2nd 2010-October 30th, 2010
Owner(s) WEDFederation
Staff WEDFederation and others credited on episodes
Formerly N/A

DCO was a independent wrestling organization that is used to develop upcoming CAW Superstars to showcase their talents in the hope of being signed to bigger leagues. It was relaunched and is now produced by Wrestling Entertainment Dynasty Federation. The Superstars featured currently are from various CAW Leagues such as DCWL, NAW, Jeri-MAX, and some are just independents. During the first couple of episodes which involved heavy use of Damage Gauge, the show was nicknamed DGO. This is openly used by commentators to stress this home.

On October 30th, 2010, the WEDF version of DCO closed and Burb took over.


Name Finisher Name CAW Promotion Notes
Adam Edge CCL
Bryce Kanyon Walls of Text SCAW: Superstars of CAW
Caylen Rogers KTFO (Knocked the F**k Out), The Brush With Greatness New-WWE DCO Television Champion
CJ Wizard WMD (Wizards Master Destroyer) CCL,NJCW
El Rojo Mexico Burrito Bombnanza Independant WEDF Cruiserweight Champion
Gregory Black The Black Valentine Various Leagues
Jason Matthews Rollup
Jeff Winninger He doesn't have a finisher move because he always jobs New-WWE DCO GM, and resident jobber
Johnny Rocker Rocking Moments [Powerbomb to X Factor] The Flashback(Flashback) DCWL
Matt Eichorn The Unhawaiian Nightmare, Twist of Fat IWT
Oshujax F.T.S., Cobra Clutch XWA-WC, HCW DCO World Champion
Rick The Fisherman Fisherman Suplex Independant
Ryan ReX ReX Marks the Spot, Switchblade OLW
Ryan Terian Terian Driver Independent

Final WEDF DCO Champions


  • Jason Matthews, Rick The Fisherman and Swagg3r are the only members from the original Developing CAW Organization
  • Zach Starr has been officially moved back to the Smackdown brand on 6-13-10. His final DCO match will be on Episode 4.
  • Ryan ReX and Jason Matthews were signed to the official roster, as they were voted into DCO by Something CAWful members, but won't be making their debuts until DCO Episode 6.
  • Suspect was forced to move back to RAW after losing the DCO World Title on Episode 5
  • The WEDF Cruiserweight Championship was won by El Rojo Mexico after defeating Zach Starr on Episode 5 and the title was brought to DCO. El Rojo Mexico has the option of defending the Championship on Smackdown due to the title rights owned by Smackdown.
  • DCO superstars can have the option of appearing on Raw and Smackdown, to test the waters of facing the main competition. Example of this is Mason Kronik facing Brock Lesnar on Smackdown in the past. If the DCO superstars are successful, in addition to being successful on DCO, they may be considered to move up to the main roster.
  • After DCO was given to Burb, Jason Matthews's previous victory over Bryce Kanyon was retconned and changed into a submission victory for Bryce Kanyon via the Walls of Text.


  • Submission Sweeto has been future endeavored, we wish Submission Sweeto the best in his future endeavadors on 6-13-10
  • COWlex, a former DCO original was released on 6-24-10. DCO did not wish him well in his future endeavours
  • The YGA (Lil B and Smoke Dawg) were released on 8-1-10. They were released along with Smokey and were wished best in future endeavadors.
  • Zultar was released on 8-9-10 due to issues with management.
  • Due to Mason Kronik's death, his contract was bought out by DCO management.