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Cheeseburger in Paradise
Tagline(s) " gonna be brutal." - 130isaiah
Promotion DCO (Vivianverse)
Theme Song
Last Event DCO Presents The Sloppy End of My Fuckstick
Next Event DCO Undefeatable

The Card

# Results Stipulations
1 Hungry Hungry Mellencamp vs Lips Dolittle Street Fight
2 Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson, Carl, Richard Holliday, and Meat Grinder Mike vs Haduken, Bastion Goodhand, Chris Hardy, and Adam Edge vs Brick Cannon, Rooster Lovesauce, Cunt Maxwell, and Hoss Vanderhuge vs Lonestarr, Bryce Kanyon, TJ Prophet, and Derek 4-on-4-on-4-on-4 Battle Royal
3 REED vs Slab Puente First Blood Match
4 Corey Grundy (c) vs Craven Moorehead DCO Television Championship
5 Rip Beefgnaw (c) vs Distance Riley DCO World Heavyweight Championship

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